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    Bernie for PRESIDENT 2016

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    In addition to the 5.5 billion pre-payment penalty applied to the Postal Service it is in dire need of management reorganization! Beginning at the top and working down the scale of managers ill equipped to handle the pressing needs of a viable, yet mismanaged business in the 21st Century. Hiring from within, while admirable needs to be met with individuals willing to learn additional management techniques, including personnel and efficiency. Waste is abundant, with unnecessary regulation and employee persecution. Proper hiring, training and treatment of employees would re-create the public perception of the Postal Service and encourage continued use of postal products and services. Finally, in trimming the “Postal” tree it needs to learn the lesson of nature. When you trim a tree you DO NOT hack away at the roots, you trim the canopy bringing in light, air and regrowth. Not stagnation, consolidation or denegration!