Video: California man receives mail 2 years late; mail carrier fired


When a Garden Grove resident checked his mail Tuesday, he found a stack of envelopes that took him by surprise.

"Five or six checks totaling over $1,500 that I should have received in 2012 and 2013," said Doug Beard.

There were also gas, electric and car insurance bills, and even his son’s report card– all postmarked from the last two years.

A letter from the postal service explained mail had been found in a dumpster and at the home of a mail carrier. The USPS said that person has been fired and now faces federal prosecution. Beard wishes he knew that sooner.

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  • Momma_T

    You mean he didn’t miss THAT MUCH mail?? Didn’t call to inquire where his checks were or his kid’s grade card? Seriously? I know what I should expect to receive and approximately when; how was he paying his bills? ~smdh~

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