Video: Ohio Postal Worker Caught Throwing Mail Away


Photos have caught a central Ohio postal worker in the act.

Pictures show an employee throwing mail into an east Columbus dumpster. An NBC4 viewer sent two photos.

NBC4 alerted the USPS about these allegations. Another postal worker was caught on camera retrieving the discarded mail. The dumpster diving postal worker told NBC4, “I’m not going to answer any questions. I was just sent here to do a job.” WVTM-TV Birmingham, AL

Video clearly shows mail in the trunk of an unmarked white van. The postal worker told NBC4, off camera, he was taking the trashed mail back to the post office for delivery on Thursday.

Read more: Postal Worker Caught Throwing Mail Away – WVTM-TV Birmingham, AL.

  • RouteAbolished

    Such a disturbing story.

  • SamSam

    In this article a key item was overlooked. In the Inspection Service letter it stated the carrier is a CCA (City Carrier Associate), most are not career employees, are paid less, minimal benefits and were hired by the USPS to carry mail. Many regular career routes are left empty and filled with multiple CCA’s, the incidence in many cases are disgruntled CCA’s having to do everything and getting paid 1/2. Not defending, throwing mail out is not EVER acceptable. In my office 9 FT career carriers retired and were replaced with 16 CCA’s, misdeliveries have gone up, more packages gone missing , mail being returned to sender because they do not know their customers, mail being brought back because they don’t know the routes and so much more. USPS is removing the last S “Service” to cut career employment and become another low wage place to work part time.

  • guest

    This issue happens national wide. No surprise for nowadays postal public service.