Consumer Reports Video: Best way to ship packages

CHICAGO — The U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver up to 470 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. That’s around 50 million more than the same time last year. As more people shop online, FedEx and UPS also forecast a record number of deliveries.

In a recent survey, Consumer Reports asked 1,000 people about their shipping gripes and has tips to help your boxes reach their destinations.

To find the best deal, shopping expert Tod Marks checked out rates for USPS, FedEx and UPS.

"We compared the basic price to ship a 3 lb. package like this from our New York headquarters to Plano, Texas. We shipped it three ways: standard overnight, second day and ground shipment," Marks said.

The U.S. Postal Service was the least expensive every time. For example, its rate for second-day delivery was about $12. The FedEx and UPS rates were more than $60.

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