Video: Postal Robberies Skyrocketing

On the anniversary of the murder of a local postal carrier, the News4 I-Team shows a never before released list of crimes committed against postal employees, including a dramatic increase in robberies.

It started out like any other February day for a well-known D.C. postal carrier who delivered the mail on Webster Street in Northeast. But that changed when, investigators say, two men robbed him at gunpoint before tying him up with duct tape, beating him and throwing him from his delivery van.

Neighbors like Bernard Wood Jr. were stunned at the violence of the crime. "I don’t understand why anybody would try to assault or hurt him." But as they thought about it, those on his route like Sherri Wyatt realized he was an easy target. “Every day I know he’s going to be there,” she said. “I know what time."

via Postal Robberies Skyrocketing | NBC4 Washington.

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