PMG’s Thanksgiving message for postal employees

From USPS News Link:

pat-donahoe-largeThe season is upon us when we take the time to reflect on the many things for which we are grateful: our family and friends; our co-workers; our jobs; our health and the freedoms we enjoy in America. Too often, we get caught up in the pace of everyday life and don’t take the time to appreciate just how fortunate we are. This is a time for such reflection.

The nation’s oldest celebration of gratitude, Thanksgiving Day, was designated by President Abraham Lincoln as an official holiday in 1863. Since then, Americans have cherished this special time of thanksgiving and togetherness. Today, the spirit of Thanksgiving at the Postal Service is alive and well, not only because of the upcoming holiday, but because our employees work hard every day to help make the world a better place. Many thanks to everyone for your contributions — not only to our organization, but the communities we serve each and every day.

So at a time when we traditionally give thanks, please allow me — on behalf of the entire Executive Leadership Team — to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication to our mission, and to extend best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. Please enjoy the company of your loved ones, think about the importance of old and new friends, be safe and take time to reflect on our many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

via USPS News Link Story – Letter from PMG Pat Donahoe.

  • Mailmam

    Happy Thanksgiving also to all of you.

  • PO

    After all the damage the PMG has done to the Postal Service and employees, nothing he has to say means anything to anyone.

  • Proud to be Postal

    On behalf of the entire “executive leadership team”. Sadly some employees don’t appreciate the effort and concern shown to us by these leaders as regards no lay offs and the like during the necessary downsizing . Without their sacrifices and guidance perhaps many or all of us would be unemployed this holiday season.

  • PO’ed

    Sacrifices and guidance by the clowns at the top,are you kidding? they are bound by union contracts and they have and will be hiring! these bozos will continue to to try to squeeze the workers after Downahole is out and his right hand,Brennan becomes PMG.

  • retired too

    utter nonsense

  • Your an Idiot

    Your an Idiot!!

  • carrying the weight

    Snake in the grass got his golden parachute, and who know how much under the table from special interests as he began the dismantling of the USPS.

  • Going Postal

    You seem to forget that in Downahole’s first appearance before Issa’s committee after he got a sweetheart CBA full of giveaways from the APWU,he asked that it be voided by Congress so that he could dictate the work rules and layoff regulars while still retaining non-career employees! That dirty rat!

  • pmggoaway

    jump off the ship donahoe. cyber breach//…. i quit

  • Jib Jab

    How could he lay off any FTR employees with less than 6 years service without first laying off all non-career CCA’s,PSE’s and MHA’s? Don’t think he can.