Video: Audit says San Francisco postal distribution center is inefficient and overstaffed

SAN FRANCISCO – A new audit from the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General says the San Francisco Processing and Distribution Center is inefficient and overstaffed. The report, released Thursday, calls for the center to drastically reduce work hours for hundreds of employees to save millions of dollars.


Despite the report’s findings, the sign outside the center located on Evans Street says, “We Are Hiring.”

The OIG report recommends eliminating more than 486-thousand work hours by having 280 employees retire to save $21 million. But US Postal Service Management is questioning the math and is not alone.

via Audit: SF postal distribution center ‘inefficient’ and ‘overstaf – KTVU –.

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  • Crazy Bob

    Management is hiring custodians like crazy to our facility in the East Bay Area of which we already have way too many of. And wasn’t it a few months ago that Downahole said they needed to shed 15,000 more employees? and where are the employees from the facilities being shut down in January going to go if they are allowed to go through with it?

  • soon to be retired

    The only qualifications you need to move up in the post office is to either be good at kissing butt or be a total jerk towards other people. Someone who is smart and treats people well has no chance whatsoever if up against this type of person for a job.