Video: UPS, FedEx Gird for an Earlier Holiday Rush

United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. are gearing up for a new test of their ability to handle the surge in holiday e-commerce: The frenzy of online shopping that now comes at the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend, instead of afterward.

They learned that lesson the hard way last year. In 2013, the delivery companies were caught off guard when their shipments jumped 23% the week after Thanksgiving, according to shipment-tracking software developer Shipmatrix Inc. Not only was that a big increase, it came earlier than expected.

UPS—which previously had treated Thanksgiving weekend as relatively quiet, with no full sorting operations and limited number of drivers out on the road—had been expecting the online holiday rush to begin the following week.

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  • jimmy

    They should feel real safe, as USPS will be delivering soooooo many of there packages. Going to save them many more employees, trucks, gas, etc