USPS Board of Governors Selects Megan Brennan as 74th Postmaster General

brennan_meganWASHINGTON, Nov. 14, 2014 — The U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors today announced the appointment of Megan J. Brennan, the current chief operating officer of the Postal Service, as the 74th Postmaster General and CEO.

Speaking at a public meeting of the Board this morning, Mickey D. Barnett, chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors, praised Brennan – who will become the first woman to be Postmaster General – as the ideal choice to replace the current Postmaster General, Patrick R. Donahoe, who will be retiring in early 2015.

"Megan has demonstrated outstanding vision, leadership and executive ability in her role as chief operating officer, and has been extraordinarily successful in managing the operations of the Postal Service," said Barnett." She is highly regarded throughout the Postal Service and among the broader community of our major customers and business partners – and rightly so."

As chief operation officer, Brennan is responsible for the day-to-day activities of 491,000 career employees working in more than 31,000 facilities supported by a fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles. She is responsible for all Postal Service operations, including mail processing, transportation, delivery and retail operations.

"As the head of operations, Megan has led important initiatives to provide Sunday delivery services, improved tracking, and greater predictability and reliability," said Barnett. "She has also been highly successful in rationalizing our mail processing, delivery and retail operations."

Barnett also commended Brennan’s role in maintaining a high delivery performances in the face of a significant and continued reduction in workforce and resources. "Megan has managed some very large, complex organizational changes and the Postal Service never missed a beat in terms meeting customer expectations," said Barnett. "She instills great confidence in the ability of the organization to succeed and achieve its business goals."

"I am deeply honored and humbled to take on this role at such an exciting time for the organization," said Brennan. "The Postal Service plays a vital role in America’s society and economy and I’m looking forward to strengthening that role and meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace in the years ahead."

Megan J. Brennan was named Chief Operating Officer and executive vice president in December 2010. Reporting directly to the Postmaster General, Brennan has led the continuous improvement of the postal network operation as well as the allocations of people and resources.

Previously she was vice president of Eastern Area Operations. As the senior postal official she oversaw an area that encompassed Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky, Central and South Jersey, Western New York and parts of Virginia and Indiana. A 28-year veteran of the Postal Service, Brennan served as vice president of Northeast Area Operations from May 2005 until being named vice president of Eastern Area Operations.

Brennan joined the Postal Service in 1986 as a letter carrier in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and began her management career as a delivery and collection supervisor. Brennan is a graduate of Immaculata College in Pennsylvania. She is a Sloan Fellow and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Sarah S

    Congratulations to Megan! I had the honor of working with Megan in Lancaster and for her in Pittsburgh. The USPS is in good hands.

  • Mike

    Do you really think anything will change with her? I doubt it. The cuts will still keep on coming!

  • Don’t care anymore

    I’m sure she’s already on big mails payroll

  • Don’t care anymore

    What’s the over / under how many millions Donahoe walks away with?

  • AC

    Ok, but what about the employees? Are we the sacrificial lambs with her too?

  • Maurice M

    Might be worth it to get him out of the way.

  • Maurice M

    Hopefully, Megan won’t be as clueless as the current PMG is. Postmasters and Supervisors are opposed to his 5 Day Delivery idea. And half of his own headquarters are not hip to his ideas.

  • ben franklin

    Of course she is- and so are you, if you work for the USPS. Eighty percent of USPS revenue comes from business mailers. You may not like “big mailers”, but they are your customers. Talk all you want about how they get “unfair” discounts, but YOU get most of your salary from “big mailers”.

  • Melody Gannaway

    I hope she is for the employees also, not just the job! Donahoe was for Donahoe only! Donahoe was probably forced to retire.

  • Don’t care anymore

    When big mails discounts are such that the cost of delivery exceeds their payments to the USPS for delivery then they are not paying my salary they are bankrupting my lively hood. That explains all the lobbyist they have pounding the politicians daily. Show me the evidence to refute all the testimony on this subject. The apwu filed charges on this long ago. We operate at a loss to big mail. I’d be happy to see evidence otherwise. Doesn’t matter now much money the USPS receives from them yearly if it doesn’t cover the cost.

  • ben franklin

    Here’s your evidence: the USPS made a $1.4 billion operating profit last year, INCLUDING the discounts! How can you say that they “operate at a loss to big mail”? How can you make a profit if you’re operating at a loss?

    This isn’t from me- this is from the NALC:

    So where is your evidence?

  • Don’t care anymore

    Was any of that “claimed” profit used to pay back the 15 billion maximum we borrowed to stay afloat ! NO !!! How about the 35 billion the USPS is behind in retiree benefits pointed out on this site daily? NO!!! Why is postal reform so necessary if the USPS is so profitable? Because the USPS is some 50 billion dollars in debt with aging vehicles and equipment . Common sense points out that you are a proponent of the bulk mail industry that doesn’t care about dismantling the USPS so long as some low pay no benefit individuals remain to deliver junk mail.

  • ben franklin

    You really should check your facts. The only reason the USPS “borrowed” $15 billion from the Treasury was so that it could turn around and give that money back to the Treasury as part of the so-called “trust fund”. It wasn’t to “stay afloat”- the USPS has had no problem paying its real, cash bills using its own revenue.

    The USPS is NOT “some 50 billion dollars in debt”. By law the USPS can only borrow $15 billion. (You’d think you’d know that, given that you mention the $15 billion the USPS has borrowed!)

    The USPS is NOT “35 billion the USPS behind in retiree benefits”. It pays its share of current retiree annuities and benefits out of its own revenue, and is completely up to date on those payments.

    You are so totally ignorant of the facts that you resort to attacking the person who disagrees with you. Your use of personal attack, and the way you string together meaningless
    numbers that you don’t understand is exactly what Issa and Donahoe have
    done to try and destroy the USPS. Try acting like a grown up and providing some facts to back up the nonsense you spout. I merely pointed out to you that “big mail” accounts form the vast majority of postal revenue, and YOUR paycheck. That’s a fact, not an opinion. Feel free to prove me wrong. Just make sure you provide a link to your documentation!

    (Spoiler alert: He won’t be able to!)

  • Moose

    All of these pat on the backs for Megan Brennan. But mark my word, many of the policies of the last few years that have closed plants, reduced hours for customers in small offices, eliminated thousands of career positions, and most importantly reduced services for the public, did not come totally from Pat Donahoe. Megan Brennan was and is in favor of the changes that have been made. She may be a great person, she may have been a great person to work with, and she may have been the best letter carrier the USPS has ever known. But you will not see any changes from the direction the current PMG has pointed us in.

  • Don’t care anymore

    So which affiliate of the bulk mail industry do you work for?

  • Moose

    So what if she was a carrier. She has bought into the current HQ thought process that believes cutting costs and reducing services are the only way to keep the USPS afloat. We aren’t really taking any chances with Megan. Just more of the same.

  • ben franklin

    So are you on Issa’s staff or Donahoes? You obviously worship one or the other.

  • ben franklin

    Oh- almost forgot- thank you for proving me correct when I said you wouldn’t be able to provide any documentation to back up your rants!

  • Guest

    $5 million.

  • pokeybird

    And how long ago did she carry? Was there dps,fss,msp scans? Were the routes as long as they are now? I think probably not. Moose is right…more of the same!

  • Nick Danger

    Actually,people from the mail processing side are better qualified for upper management than letter carriers,who know nothing about what goes on in the processing end,where the majority of postal employees work.

  • Postman

    The USPS would have been better off if the BOG had appointed Stroman,the Deputy PMG and an outsider who might have changed the direction Downahole was taking it and actually might have made the necessary cuts in the bloated management.Under Brennan, who has been joined at hip of Downahole for more than twenty years,his initiatives to bring down the Postal Service and set it up for privatization will continue,which is what the four members of the BOG want.

  • ben franklin

    You can’t be serious! What qualifications does Stroman have to run anything? He’s a lawyer and a political operative. How does that qualify him to run THE WORLD’S LARGEST POSTAL SYSTEM?? If the only important qualification is “being an outsider”, why not Nagisa Manabe? For that matter, why not Jerry Seinfeld? Or Bill Cosby? They all have as much business running the USPS as Stroman!

    You do realize that Stroman was hired by the BOG and Donahoe, don’t you? Just like Megan was? Even if Stroman had the slightest clue how to run the USPS, what makes you think he’d suddenly turn into some kind of revolutionary as PMG??

  • Jib Jab

    She was a carrier for only a year,so she must have had a connection to a higher up to get promoted without paying her dues.

  • Postman

    Do you have someone better in mind? Someone who would take it in a positive direction and grow it,not tear it down and cut the layers of bloated management is needed and someone so close to Donahoe like Brennan is not that person.

  • lost

    Congratulations Megan Brennan. Where is this now?