Video: Postal Service Hacked- Local Workers Fed Up

Springfield IL – First it was big box stores getting hacked for your credit card information. Now–it’s the United States Postal Service whose employees and customers– have become the latest target.

"These people are so mad they–. They know they can change their credit cards, they can change their pins, but they can’t change their social security numbers and that’s what’s really infuriating," Local American Postal Workers Union President Jim O’Connell said.

On Monday O’Connell and the more than 2-hundred postal employees he represents– all learned that files containing employee information like names, addresses, dates of birth and social security numbers were compromised. The US government is not publicly naming any suspects, but media reports across the board strongly suggest the Chinese are to blame.

Read more: WICS NewsChannel 20 :: News – Top Stories – Postal Service Hacked: Local Workers Fed Up.

  • Mike

    Another defining moment for Donahoe.

  • Destroy the USPS

    Donahoe can now appoint some more executive Vice Presidents and a whole group of incompetent management assistants to oversee postal security.

  • vitameatavegamin

    You mean he already has not done so?

  • Diggen Nitt

    It will be tough to blame the workers, but somehow they’ll figure out a way.