USPS Suspends Telecommuting Following Massive Data Breach

From Dark Reading:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has suspended telecommuting for employees while it works to remediate a network intrusion that has exposed data on some 800,000 postal workers and an additional 2.9 million customers.

The virtual private network (VPN) service for postal employees was taken down this weekend and will not be brought back up until a version with more robust security features can be installed, USPS spokesman David Partenheimer said in an emailed comment to Dark Reading.

“As a result, telecommuting has been suspended until further notice,” he said.

A separate FAQ for employees said the VPN was taken down because it was identified as being vulnerable to compromise. The VPN will remain unavailable while modifications are made to bolster its security. “When VPN is available again users will notice changes in functionality,” the FAQ said without offering any specifics. “We will have additional information about VPN in the near future,” it said.

Read more: US Postal Service Suspends Telecommuting Following Massive Data Breach.

  • IIlIIl111

    ” robust security features”…..should have been in place BEFORE the security breach hit the fan…………

  • jarajoro

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  • Liam Skye

    Are you saying the security breach came in through the VPN? I hadn’t heard that before. Whether it did or didn’t I suppose it is prudent to take the VPN down because everybody’s logons are probably compromised along with all the other data and it wouldn’t make sense to leave such a massive potential vulnerability in place. Still, though, your comment makes me think about the old adage about closing the barn door after the horse has run away…

  • Jena Tailwartz

    You know, this security breach (whether internal or external), gives the Gods of management an excuse to kill telecommuting. Shirkers of the telecommuting program exist, but PCES managers need to manage and target the restrictions of telecommuting to the guilty parties, not the population of professional staffers.
    Elephant Plaza has become a joke, and the overall quality of the senior executive ranks is on the decline. The cream of the crap starts with the VPs of Human Resources and Marketing. Take a good look at their credentials on LinkedIn — they’ve moved from corporation to corporation continuously, while sucking the icing off the cake. I’m certainly not impressed. Are you? Cut the cake!
    Finally, I wish IT the best in resolving the security problems. My only request is to please update Internet Explorer from its current Version 8. This in part might help with some of the IT issues.

  • Eaton Twatz

    Good point Jena. IE 8 is from 2009. Is postal IT in a time warp?

  • Ilene Ulich

    Why is the version this old?