Carper’s replacement on Senate oversight committee wants to privatize USPS

ronjohnsonWhen Republicans take over the Senate in January, the new chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which oversees the US Postal Service, is expected to be Ron Johnson, a millionaire tea party favorite.

Johnson wants to reduce federal employees pay and benefits, eliminate FERS pensions, and privatize the US Postal Service:

Securing the border and reducing government regulations are areas he said he thinks the committee can find agreement. Ensuring the financial security of the U.S. Postal Service should be on that list, too. But he knows his prescription for the Postal Service would draw strong opposition.

Johnson would like to see the USPS go through bankruptcy proceedings, which he said, “really would turn the post office into a private entity.” He said he realizes there are political problems and constitutional issues with that position and is open to compromise.

Read more: An incoming Senate committee chairman’s views are sure to rile the federal workforce – The Washington Post.

  • fred

    I get my electricity, natural gas, telephone, cell phone service, satellite TV, internet, and main package delivery from private companies. No major problems. So what’s the beef with privatizing the USPS? There’s nothing in the US. constitution that mandates government run postal services in perpetuity.

    By the way, for your information, Senator Carper is a millionaire also.

  • Ray

    Lets do away with all company retirement no matter where you work, especially where Fred works. If he is retired do away with his retirement if he is getting any!

  • IIlIIl111

    “he realizes there are political problems and constitutional issues”……………….. Rethuglicans are all for waving the Constitution in our faces when they are trying to support something they want, however when it comes to making money or Privatizing the US Government, they use it to wipe themselves

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  • paul

    Actually your electricity and natural gas are subject to governmental oversight and regulation. Much of your package delivery may originate with a private company like UPS or FedEx but both of these companies hand off approximately 40% of their deliveries to the USPS for the final mile delivery to the home bot in metro and rural areas.

  • Skip Moreland

    Yes there is, in article 1, section 8, clause 7 the constitution says to establish postal offices and post roads. From the very beginning of this country delivering mail was seen as a federal function. The postal service is in the constitution.

    The article mentions he is a millionaire. Most of congress are millionaires, if not multi. And if they weren’t a millionaire, they are by the time they leave. And one of the ways they do it is by passing laws that benefits the rich (like Issa who buys undeveloped property and then gets the government to develop the land so he can sell it at 10 times what he bought it for.).

    Now I am curious just how much Johnson stands to gain from privatizing the postal service, or maybe it’s one of his friends. He spend 9 million of his own money while running and conveniently (because he could name his own compensation package for leaving his business) got 11 million dollars from the company as a parting gift.

    Thus the values of the tea party who bitch about the government. I am willing to bet his pension or benefits will not be eliminated while he takes it away from everyone else.

    And he is right about the constitutional issues of privatizing the mail, esp. since the constitution created the postal service. But as stated before, these people don’t care about what the constitution actually says, they are perfectly willing to ignore the parts they don’t like.

  • Postal Pete

    Do away with the Postal Service and see how much the cost of sending a letter or package will skyrocket and privatizers like Johnson, Issa and Ryan’s personal wealth also skyrockets.

  • Melody Gannaway

    I refuse to use the internet to pay my bills. So if the postal service goes belly up I hope my mortgage company and others are willing to come to my house every month to collect my mortgage check. I think that will cost a crap load more then 49 cents. I have no checking account so it can’t come out of my account either.

  • The corrupt and the wealthy

    Wikipedia says Issa is worth 450 million. The post office in some form , possibly privatized , will exist. The big mailers who make billions yearly with their huge unfair discounts would have illegal aliens deliver so long as they keep getting a free ride. Meantime friends of big mail receive their reward, the govt sells off billions in postal property and claim it was used to pay off imaginary postal debt and they steal all the money’s sitting in postal employee benefit accounts. All those without 20 years service and 60 years of age can kiss their fers retirement goodbye too. More money the govt keeps

  • fred

    What does governmental oversight and regulation have to do with the fact that they are private companies? Just about all economic activities in the U.S are regulated! The empirical evidence consistently shows that for-profit companies deliver better, more cost effective results than their government counterparts.

  • fred

    Well, just pay the subpoena server when he shows up to give you notice of the sheriff’s sale of your house. Cut the drama. Courier services aren’t going to disappear just because the USPS monopoly isn’t sustainable. Your mortgage company will find a way to get its money from you with little effort.

  • fred

    The constitution gives the Congress the power to establish a postal system. It doesn’t MANDATE it. It’s perfectly reasonable tor Congress to leave it up the free market economy to transport the nation’s mail, just as the parcel delivery marketplace is wide open.

    Ron Johnson made his millions in the family plastic packaging business. Since he mostly self funded his campaign, he’s not corrupted by special interest lobbyists. He’s sold most of his stock, and most of his money is in liquid assets like savings accounts and bonds. So how is he going to get super rich streamlining the USPS? You’re entitled to your opinions, but you’re not entitled to make of your facts.

  • fred

    Reliable and industrious postal workers will not have trouble finding employment for their skills. Be more optimistic c & w.

  • JoJo

    Whats wrong Fred? couldn’t pass the civil service test?

  • richmac22

    fred,in case you didn’t read it in the main text of paul’s comment was they do it at the expense of the expertise of the USPS, remember the fiasco they had last Christmas, didn’t happen with the USPS.

  • Beth Owens

    The ones that want to privatize are the ones who will get rich. Take away their benefits first and see how they like it. It’s in the constitution regarding mail delivery so they will have to change that first I believe. Damn you republicans.


    FRED are you serious? I feel you need to educate yourself in what your actually losing with our government agencies. The USPS is UNIVERSAL FRED and it is NOT an agency to tamper with because of security of the mail in this country. People and states VOTE by Mail- Medicine gets sent to rural areas where only the USPS delivers sometimes 7 days a week depending on how it is sent. DO not let your governments services end FRED That is when you realize your freedom ends. Donahoe NEEDS to go ASAP- And Fred you are paying 1000 percent more than you should for your delivery of packages — the USPS is the cheapest– cheaper than any PRIVATE company.

  • IIlIIl111

    Cost Effective?? Say What?? Walk into the UPS Store with 49 cents and see what you can do…………………………. they’ll tell you what you can do with that 49 cents…………..and that’s about your ONLY option

  • IIlIIl111

    sure, lets privatize EVERYTHING…..the FBI, Food and Drug Administration, The Military…………Oh wait, the Rethugs already did that (Haliburton)

  • IIlIIl111

    And thaty is the funniest (or saddest) thing about the whole push by the Rethuglicans to Privatize…..because the hardest hit are going to be their own ignorant gullible constituients in the RED STATES……………………. Delivering mail out in the rural boondocks isn’t cost effective, so either the cost of delivering mail to their addresses will shoot through the roof, or their mail delivery will be halted alltogether. Either way, under Privatization, THEY LOSE…………………


    Agreed- IT is an ALEC agenda. Under their terms there would be no universal delivery and you would be paying 1000 percent more for your delivery from NY to LOS ANGELES- ALASKA or HAWAII– we would look at every piece as a package and it would profit only companies like UPS and FED-EX and only because the mom and pop delivery places would not be able to deliver like the USPS.


    Get OUT of town FRED– Ron JOHNSON has led the way to abolish STATE UNIONS and their collective bargaining rights it is a FACT– HE himself stated he wants to dismantle the USPS and privatize it so where are you stating your facts dude? You cannot open the delivery market there would be an issue of security and privacy and obviously you do NOT work for the USPS or you would see this as a problem as you would know the system.


    How is ISSA worth this much money again? This shows under the table deals and lobbies that should NOT exist.


    DUH! FRED? REALLY that special kind of stupid? This AGENCY- the USPS is TAX free which unlike the rest of the agencies funds itself in every area– The USPS– it is the only delivery service that is universal and delivers their packages in a contract they all have together– imagine a 1000 percent increase in your delivery services once privatized—only the 1 percent able to afford it and not universal– YOU are incorrect for profit companies delivering better as you lose security and it is already PROVEN that private companies DO NOT provide better service- What planet are you from FRED– must be the same think tank Scott Walker uses lol.

  • vitameatavegamin

    “fred” is a total idiot, or more likely a paid shill for ALEC, CATO, etc.

  • freecountry

    And they’ll still vote red!

  • freecountry

    You can’t argue with Fred. He is like the rest of the GOP and got all the answers. Just ask him. And if he has his way we will all be working for 10 bucks an hour….

  • Liam Skye

    Where can this empirical data be found?

  • kathy

    Sadly yes