Video: Package containing thousands of family photos goes missing

The package got to the Bay Area, but it never got to his house. Whether it’s man or machine, Brian Cooper says there’s a delivery problem with the US Postal Service. Now, right before the holiday rush, USPS is looking into his complaint.

Cooper moved to the Bay Area about a year ago from Georgia, and is homesick. His mom tried to cheer him up by sending him thousands of pictures from his childhood.

"Not every picture is on an iPhone,” Cooper said.

According to the USPS tracking number record, it took four days to reach California from Georgia.

That package was set to arrive October 24th, but it never made it. In fact, it supposedly never left the Richmond distribution facility.

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  • Clerky

    I feel bad for this guy but unfortunately making a complaint rarely leads to a resolution. I don’t fault customers complaining because I understand and share their frustration. They don’t understand that a complaint doesn’t initiate a plant turning everything inside out looking for a missing package. If a package is lost, it will either remain lost forever or it will be found and delivered regardless of any complaint being made. In exceptionally rare cases, the MRC search form actually unites a customer with their package but more often than not it just serves as a way of calming an angry customers and letting them know we’re doing all we can.