Video update: Wisconsin carrier didn’t dump Democrat’s flyers because he didn’t send any

Yesterday a right wing web site claimed that a Wisconsin letter carrier had dumped campaign mail that had been sent by a GOP legislative candidate. The site suggested that the carrier’s motive was political, since he dumped GOP fliers, and not Democratic ones. It turns out that, while there is indeed an investigation into discarded mail, it has nothing to do with partisan politics. Why weren’t any of the Democratic candidate’s flyers found in the dumpster?

He didn’t send any!

“It does appear that obviously this mail was discarded. So far our investigation has not led to anything involved that this was targeted to any specific candidate or specific party,” USPS Special Agent Robert Rukes said.

Special Agent Rukes says no Democratic flyers were found.

Rohrkaste’s opponent in the 55th Assembly race says he may know why.

“I have not sent any mailers. I do have television commercials, airing on cable TV,” Democratic Assembly candidate Mark Westphal said.

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  • Jon

    Wait, the original article said the carrier dumped GOP mail and this article said that the claim was wrong and the carrier didn’t dump any DEMOCRATIC mail. WTH.
    So the original article was right?

  • LloydStreetMarty

    if it is undeliverable this type of mail is recycled by the postal service.

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  • Reireed

    You don’t get it, even if it was undeliverable (and nowhere in any of the articles or the newscast states that it was) a carrier cannot dump mail into a public dumpster.

  • postalnews

    The original story on the right wing web site suggested that there was a partisan motive behind the dumping of GOP mail, since there were no Democratic fliers found in the dumpster. The second story explains that the carrier couldn’t have dumped Democratic flyers because there weren’t any. I’ve edited today’s story to clarify that point.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Management says get done in 8 hours and these CCA’s have little training and then add extra political mail and a ton of parcels and this is what you get.

  • postalworker1

    cut him som slack, poor guy is tired

  • LloydStreetMarty

    Did it say public dumpster?

  • Retired

    Yes it did, “a dumpster at an apartment complex”