Video: Political mail straining postal service

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — The last minute push by political campaigns before Election Day is clogging up our mailboxes and putting a strain on the Postal Service.

Postal workers say more political mailers are going out than ever before, and that may have an affect on how timely our mail is delivered.

"We’re just looking at something nobody’s seen with this amount in political mailings," Mark Case said, the Western North Carolina Central Labor Council President. "I’ve been with the Post Office 18 years and I’ve talked to others who have been there then and longer. They’re saying the same thing."

Read more: Political Mailers Weigh on Postal Service – WLOS – Asheville Top Stories – ABC.

  • Joe T

    And this is something new?

  • rosy lily

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  • MrPolarBear

    Perhaps you should ask….why is the Postal Service closing down processing plants and not hiring ? The answer is CONGRESS. In 2006, Congress passed a law requiring the Postal Service to pay a YEARLY fee of 5.5 Billion dollars into a fund for Congressional Spending. Congress sugar coated this “Postal Tax” by claiming it is for “FUTURE” employees retirement and medical fund. Yes…you read that correctly… FUTURE employees. People the Postal Service hasn’t hired yet, most of which aren’t even born yet. The current employees have their retirement and medical fund paid by traditional methods and are not included in this 5.5 Billion BS tax, and it’s killing the Postal Service. You see, Congress wants to privatize the Postal Service so they can sell it’s assets. This would bring short term cash to the government (and also make many Congress men very rich by under the table deals selling properties millions below value so relatives can resell for profit.) Then the privatized Postal Service could raise price of mail and cut back on service. Take a good look at Canada. They were penny to penny the same rate as the US Postal service until they privatized in the late 70s. Now for a one ounce letter in Canada, it costs a dollar. The US Postal Service does a 2 ounce letter for 49 cents. Twice the weight for half the price. Canada passed laws this year to end curb side deliveries, They are going to neighborhood cluster boxes and rural residents have to rent PO Boxes in the cities to get their mail. No country mail service, it costs too much. Hence, poorer service. Matter of fact EVERY country that has privatized their postal service is more expensive to use than the US Postal Service. EVERY! Funny thing is, If the government would stop the 5.5 Billion yearly Phony,,,,,,, future,,,,not even born yet,,,,,,not ever going to hire……Retirement medical fund, the Postal Service would make money for…..get this….THE GOVERNMENT. You see, the Postal Service is a non-profit organization. If it makes a profit, at the end of the year, it goes into the GOVERNMENTS General fund. Last year, it would have made 1.2 Billion dollars profit for the government. Instead, since it defaulted on the 5.5 billion dollar mandate. The government reported the Postal Service lost 4.3 Billion. (5.5 minus 1.2) So the American public is under the false assumption that the Postal Service isn’t profitable. If Congress would stop the mandate, the Postal Service would make money for the American People. Now the Postal Service has had years where it didn’t make a profit. The government has a line of credit for the Postal Service (funded by yours and mine tax money) Every year it hasn’t made a profit, it has borrowed from this line of credit……AND PAID IT BACK with INTEREST the following year. It didn’t matter that the Post Office made millions in profit the year before, it doesn’t get credited for that. Every year they start over from scratch. For example, say in year “A” they made 30 million dollars profit. Year “B” they bought needed trucks and lost 10 Million. They don’t have 20 Million left. The 30 million profit in year “A” goes to the government to spend and the 10 Million in year “B” is borrowed and paid back with interest. Since the 2006 5.5 Billion dollar mandate The Postal Service has had to keep on borrowing from it’s line of credit to pay the Future Employee bogus tax. Congress keeps increasing the line of credit so the USPS can borrow from the tax payers to pay congress. It has already paid over 50 Billion dollars to this bogus fund and Congress has spent every penny of it. WHERE IS THE NEWS REPORTING OF THIS ??????
    So….this is why processing plants are being closed and your mail is getting to you later, why letter carriers are being forced to work longer hours. Routes are now longer that eight hours, Mail not being delivered on a daily basis because there aren’t enough carriers. Some residents not getting mail service because it got too late or they got mail ten o’clock at night. Congress is killing the Postal Service and in the end…..we all are going to pay for it with a privatize more expensive postal service.

  • mail carriers deliver

    Wow I am done in 8 hours every day in Asheville so are my co workers. Only ones who can’t handle the extra volume is union slugs.

  • lmr

    nothing you posted addressed the political mailings do you just like to hear yourself rant about nothing?