Video: Tacoma letter carrier accused of stalking, assaulting women on his route

TACOMA, Wash. — A Tacoma mailman with a history of strange behavior is accused of sexually harassing and assaulting a number of women on his delivery route.

Robert Joseph Taitano, a mail carrier with The United States Postal Service, is facing charges of burglary, harassment and assault, and prosecutors say all the crimes are sexually motivated.

A Tacoma woman called 911 on August 5 to say she caught the mailman — later identified as Taitano — breaking into her apartment, according to court documents. The victim told police she was getting ready for work in her bathroom when she heard her young son, who was in the living room, say "hi" to someone.

Alarmed, the victim came out of the bathroom and found someone wearing a mail carrier’s uniform in the apartment. The woman recognized Taitano as her mailman and screamed at him to leave. She said he finally left when she began reaching for a knife in the kitchen.

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