• Much ado about nothing…

    A few points about all of this:
    All mail in transit is the property of the US Postal Service… and owned by them until delivered. They’re the only ones legally allowed to copy ‘live mail’ information from what is legally their property.
    Modern sorting methods take images of most mail pieces so the computers and/or REC Site processors can figure out the address it’s going to. Many Postal applications can view this information not just for tracking, but for error, flow, service, revenue protection and productivity analysis.
    Other tools such as GPS trackers and vibration monitors are used by all shipping companies including the USPS, as monitoring the condition and flow of your product is crucial in that type of business.
    Recording and resolving the address information is just part of the whole process, and if you think about it every piece has to be watched all the way from origin to destination as, well, that’s what people are paying for. Customers demanded consistent and accurate tracking and that’s what they’re getting.