Iowa postmaster charged with stealing drugs from mail

A federal grand jury in Iowa has indicted Danny Miller, the Postmaster of Forest City, Iowa on theft charges. Miller has worked for the US Postal Service since 1988.

From the indictment:

US-Department-Of-Justi_fmtBeginning on or about May 2013 and continuing through on or about July 2014, in the Northern District of Iowa, defendant DANNY D. _MILLER, an officer and employee of the United States Postal Service, did embezzle mail, and articles contained therein, entrusted to him or which came into his possession intended to be conveyed by mail by the United States Postal Service, and stole, abstracted and removed from such mail, prescription pain medications contained therein, with intent to convert such items to his own use. This was in violation of Title 18, United States Code.

Miller is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

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