• glenn

    He don’t get it, If you want to have a package business, you need parcel post routes.You cannot expect carriers to play mailman and ups driver and be pressed for time everyday.You need the manpower, you need the vehicles, and you need to give the carriers the trust and time, Parcels take time, and you never get the right count for ur rte To a supervisor its jus oh , he has a few more packages and that’s so not true. Do they realize what a nuisance it is to reach in your bag at every house for your scanner??? no cause none of these mngmnt people do it, Most scan before the relay because its easier, and I believe quicker than stopping at each house trying to grab for that .. If you only delivered packages and not mail, than that’s a different story… So if you want a package business you have to go back to years ago and bring back pp.rts in every station so carriers can do their job and pp rts do theirs,This doin both is not sufficient, or efficient to the carrier or customer You would solve this damn problem .

  • RouteAbolished

    At first my rural carrier didn’t have to take out a phone, so I would not find out til after 5 when he downloaded the scanner that he delivered my package at 3:30. After that I saw that my package had been delivered at 3:30, so by the time I walk a quarter mile to the cluster boxes there he was at 4:30. I asked him how was my package delivered an hour earlier and he says he scans most of them at a previous stop. Needless to say I will be pissed if I have to walk half a mile up and back for no reason.

  • my name is

    He makes these videos but do all carriers actually see his videos? The last time we watch one of his videos at our post office was over 4 years ago!

  • Jake the Mail Handler

    Donadope’s videos are mostly lies and misleading and mostly he says the same thing every month except the one last month where he said he is not privatizing the Postal Service,which is a lie,everything he’s done since becoming PMG has been to set it up for privatizing major functions after he’s retired and collected his millions in deferred “achievement bonus’s” and fat retirement.