Video: USPS hiring in Dakotas and Montana


Although the U.S. Postal Service posted a third-quarter loss of $1.96 billion, package volume is increasing. And, that means they need more workers, which is why many of us got a postcard in the mail seeking help.

It’s part of a new hiring campaign, not only in Rapid City, but in Sioux Falls, Huron and just about anywhere in the areas impacted by Bakken oil boom.

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It’s due to a 17 percent increase in parcels or packages, which translates to a greater need for bodies on the mail room floor. While the jobs being advertised are mostly seasonal in our area, supervisor of customer services Sunny Magnuson said now could be a real career opportunity for those looking to live in oil country.

"The Bakken are, if you go up there, within about a month, you’ll probably be a career postal employee. It’s growing at a substantial rate, and the faster something grows, the higher the demand is for everything from putting mail in a box to getting it delivered to the customers out there," Magnuson said.

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  • Val Nostdahl

    I am a USMC/USPS Widow due to the fact the USPS would not replace retiree’s in March/May 2006, for my USPS Letter Carrier who had worked for 16 years, and became only letter carrier in town, fought to get help in, won, and then got a last legal grievance denied illegally by the US Labor Department for removal of an injured who had not worked for a year, while he had, without a day off, except for one half day medical which he also received retaliation for, and died after working food drive short handed , due to his last legal grievance, and now you are hiring , what is the difference between May 2007 and now, OIL Money or ALEC/Koch and the PAEA? For having too much money in retirement he was denied his retirement, worked to death and had no replacement workers, and now is deceased at 8 years and now you are hiring? Within a week in Montana was another death, within a year 3 suicides in Minot , ND for non replacement of attrition.

  • Val Nostdahl

    My postal spouse has been dead in ND for over 8 years due to non hiring of workers in March/May in 2006, and dead by May 2007 and now you are hiring faster , while he had to fight to get employees in which was not even his job to do so. He was a career employee for over 17 years , and never took a sick day .

  • MrPolarBear

    Too bad you your news article makes it look like the Postal Service isn’t making money. It is, but Congress is taxing the USPS 5.5 Billion every year since 2006. If the USPS didn’t have to pay this yearly 5.5 Billion tax, it would be thriving. Get the facts straight.

  • jonnyohio

    15 an hour to work in the cold and snow of those states this winter? Lol helm no.