USPS: Customers should know the facts about change of address services

From USPS News Link:

movingUSPS wants customers to know they may be paying too much for change of address (COA) services at non-postal websites.

Some sites charge as much as $40 to register new addresses. Others charge nominal fees upfront before tacking on hefty charges later, according to recent news reports.

Consumers often find the sites while searching for change of address information online. Some sites falsely claim to be affiliated with the Postal Service.

USPS has no relationships with non-postal sites that offer change of address services. COA requests made at Post Offices are available at no cost. There’s a $1.05 identity verification fee to process COA requests submitted online.

Customers who used a non-postal site to submit a change of address request and request a refund should be referred to the business that operates the site.

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  • Nemso

    I tell all my customers and friends/relatives they should change their address the old fashioned way – either download a form on the web, fill it out and put it in their mailbox or hand it to their carrier, or fill out a change of address card and do the same. If you change your address on the web, it can take up to a month and a half for carriers to get the information. The reason for this is that it has to come from supervisors and they are so strung out with all they have to do that the information is not given to the carriers every day as it is supposed to be. Add this to your report!

  • rtsutf

    Not really! When customers submit online the COA is in PARS instantly and you don’t even see the mail being forwarded. Sure some gets through to the delivery unit but most is forwarded before it gets to you the carrier. Not just that but large mailers that are in the “Fast forward” and ACS system get the new address before you do! If your supervisor dosent inform you for a month they are negligent Manual change of addresses are sent directly to a scanning and imaging center not to the unit and COARS sends the unit a notification. There’s your report!

  • Nemso

    A lot of mail gets through to the carrier and is not forwarded! Also, I suggested that the COA form be given directly to the carrier so they can see when to start forwarding mail. Of course there is negligence on the part of supervisors because they should be printing out COA stickers every day.