APWU to Harvard President: Stop Staples Deal or Quit Board

The APWU has placed a full-page ad in The Harvard Crimson calling on Harvard University President Drew Faust “to do the right thing or resign.” The right course of action, the ad says, is for Dr. Faust to use her influence to end the no-bid deal Faust serves on the board of Staples, where she earns $300,000 per year.

Staples is notorious for paying its employees poverty-level wages, the ad points out. A 2012 study by the National Employment Law Project listed Staples among the 50 largest low-wage employers in the country. Since 2007, Staples has paid roughly $80 million to settle more than a dozen class-action lawsuits alleging ‘wage theft.’

Staples foray into the postal business will have serious repercussions: It will facilitate the transfer of stable, living-wage jobs to high-turnover, poverty-wage jobs; downgrade the quality of postal services, and hasten the privatization of the United States Postal Service, the ad says.

“If Dr. Faust can’t use her influence to end this dirty deal, she should resign from the Staples board,” it concludes.

  • Pelican lips

    It’s typical corporate America , even charities. Big wigs receive huge saleries while general employees work at poverty level. In turn these rich 1%ers get “wealthy” politicians elected to keep it that way.

  • allen

    I was the first Maintenance Craft Director for the APWU on the West Coast. I participated in bringing in the first modern mail processing machines. In 89 after the earthquake the Oakland Mail Processing and Distribution Center was instructed by OSHA to remove all over head equipment. This would have meant the bulk belt system that I worked on. This directive was ignored. The equipment was retained and used to hide mail that could not be delivered or processed by the machines. Senior employees who were about to retire were harassed and exploited by being required to work on this equipment, without training, under threat of termination. These were 440 volt live circuits that operated on fuses and circuit breakers that ran throughout the building. Many people received electrical shocks. Fortunately none were electrocuted. employees were discouraged from filing accident reports. Had I not file one, as my supervisor tried to ge me not to do, I would not have discovered that I had cancer.
    Every postal rate increase that has been requested has been requested based on fraudulent data that has been taken from bulk belt systems around the country. None of these systems had been operational for over a decade when the final data was submitted in 06 at the completion of automation.
    In 08 John Potter testified to the Homeland Security Committee that he recommended that his managers award the contracts that the post office enters into to former associates.
    At the same hearing, Senator Susan Collins, of Main Testified that none of the contracts had been audited or monitored for over a decade.
    The objective by postal managers is to eliminate the union. Once that is done, the no-bid, tax free, contracts that are circulated between postal manager, the independent mail processors who were created by the post office, the postal equipment manufacturers and the large mass mailers will go uncontested.
    Postal managers will have access to the $5 billion per year that is put into the postal retirement fund. The Postal Service is a criminal enterprise.
    Read, “Going Postal, The Story Behind The Forever Stamp”It’s and e-book or hard back on Amazon.

  • Theft and corruption

    Yes it is criminal. The Koch brothers and the direct marketing association and the entire bulk mail industry are in bed with corrupt politicians who they lobby daily . Contributing huge sums of money to help them get elected. Sneaky deals, illegal sale and closing of postal facilities and no one says a word. I say appoint a special prosecuter and investigate everything that’s going on with the USPS !!!