• Melody Gannaway

    PSE’s have to go first! They are Postal Support Employees.

  • Ion

    It doesn’t work that way. The number of PSEs is limited to a maximum 20% of career employees. If enough career employees are dismissed that the PSEs would be above that percentage, then a proportional number would need to go.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Where will these 15,000 jobs be eliminated?? Full time career employees are protected under the no layoff clause.Even a RIF would have have to have approval so only a VER could hope to reduce the number of employees.If and when plant consolidations occur the USPS has to accomidate the affected employees.So where to these numbers come from??

  • Wolfie52

    Not that it really matters but only CAREER (City Carriers) employees with greater than 6 years of service have layoff protection.

  • Happily Retired PM

    Most PMR positions will be eliminated. PMRS do not have union representation like Clerks and Carriers. To continue working for USPS PMRs will have to apply for PSE positions in the smaller offices. They will have to take the test and evaluation even if they have already taken it before. If they can’t pass the test/evaluation they can’t take it again for 120 days. PMRs with years of experience will either take a pay cut as a PSE (even though they will gain benefits as a career employee) or take a cut in work hours. Yes, they are cutting 15,000 PMR positions, but they are also CREATING thousands of PSE positions. Some employees will benefit by these changes, but it won’t necessarily be our best employees.

  • Mr.Postman

    Don’t see how they could layoff Full Time Regular employees while still retaining PSE’s,but you APWU people let your own union president, Cliff Goofy,who was Downahole’s puppet increase the percentage of non-career and defining full-time as 30 hours a week by ratifying your lousy contract,so the language in the contract article might well allow them to do it.

  • Zeusy

    You can be sure that zero EAS positions will ever be eliminated by this PMG.

  • Catman

    The EAS Postmasters left in offices that were level 16 and below get laid off Jan 9 2015.
    Many of these employees were clerks and carriers. Any loss of a job is traumatic. Most of these are good people with training and skills the Post Office needs . Sadly no one cares .