Video: Baby’s life rests in hands of US Postal Service


It is a matter of life and death. A terminally ill Bonners Ferry infant needs specific medical supplies to survive but his mother claims the mail carrier won’t deliver them.

Baby James Grady was born with more birth defects than you can count on your hands, as well as a genetic disorder, Fanconi’s Anemia, that will eventually lead to bone marrow failure.

Now Grady is facing a whole new battle for her son. His medical supplies are not being delivered to their home, even prompting an emergency trip to the ER. Her first thought was the medical supply company was to blame, but after she had the company track the shipment, “She said, it’s ready to be shipped out from the post office today, and as soon as she said post office I was like, ‘Oh.'”

Since moving to Bonners Ferry in May 2013 Grady has had issues receiving her mail. Her landlord, who is also her neighbor, says the issues started because the mail carrier was afraid of his border collie. Desperate for these medical supplies, Grady went to the post office to get answers.

“I was crying profusely I was like, ‘You don’t understand, I need my supplies,'” said Grady.

If she hadn’t gone to the Post Office to pick up the supplies, they were going to be shipped back to Spokane. All the postal worker could tell her was her home was deemed as “not deliverable to this address.”

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  • earth

    Usps is to blame?. Really. Soil is warm still for both customers.

  • RouteAbolished

    I don’t know what that means. How about a pail full of water?

  • the lady

    All the postal worker could tell her was her home was deemed as “not deliverable to this address.” The lady needs to understand USPS does not deliver homes.

  • Mike

    Simply put dog away when mail is being delivered. Problem solved. Always the Postal Services fault.

  • paul

    Simple, either get a post office box or, more sensible, put the dog in the house or back yard.

  • RandyF

    How does the landlord get mail?

  • sophia zoi

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  • Tony

    What kind of Landlord is this imbecile leaving his dog out, knowing full well the dog is the problem for skipping the delivery point! What kind of piece of garbage is this person knowing a child’s life is on the line! Stop blaming the Postal Service…they don’t use Crystal Balls and magic spells to determine what packages are a matter of life and death! Spray the GD dog and get the child the medicine!

  • You sicken me

    What no leash law?????I’m not risking getting bit and then suspended for ” failure to follow instructions” and/or “disobeying a direct order”, two of the Postal Services favorite expressions to administer discipline . And such an ignorant biased anti post office title to this story that the babies life lies in the post office hands. If that babies life is actually in danger put the blame where it lies with the dog owner. You disgust me!

  • MrPolarBear

    Perhaps the address was wrong……So many people refuse to put their complete address (suite or apartment number) on their return address. The regular carrier doesn’t carry the route every day and Subs might not know which apartment or suite you live in. Subs send stuff back all the time. Don’t blame the Post Office until you have all the facts.
    You wouldn’t believe how many people years later still use their old address. Just had a person order something from Amazon and shipped it to an address that they haven’t live in for over 8 years. 8 YEARS !!!! I have only been on the route for four years. I thought it was someone visiting so I delivered it. The current residents claim they didn’t receive it and the Person that order it want’s to have me pay for it because I delivered it as address. Guess what. We don’t deliver by name….we deliver by address. By law…..if it has your address on it….it;s yours. So the current residents have a new Kindle fire and the silly lady that order it still thinks it’s the Post Offices fault.

  • tony

    that mail-carrier is a loser

  • vitameatavegamin

    So are you…….

  • 2G’s

    Now that everyone knows the whole story now, management needs to notify animal control so they can go talk to the landlord, get the dog put up, carriees can deliver the mai, baby gets meds, and all ends well. Not a hard mathematical equation. Carrier and manager do not have tp be rocket scientist to get this fixed. No wonder we get such bad publicity!!!!! Duh?!?!!!!