Ohio rural carrier admits to stealing from mail

uspsoigColumbus OH: A former mail carrier who stole credit cards and blank checks from postal customers and used them to spend nearly $29,000 pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to receiving stolen mail.

Arlie O. Ruff, 67, was tripped up when he used his Kroger Plus card to accumulate fuel points on purchases he made with the stolen credit cards. That’s how investigators eventually tracked him down.

Ruff was indicted in July on one count of receiving stolen mail and one count of credit-card fraud. Under a plea agreement, the fraud charge will be dropped when Ruff is sentenced.

A sentencing date has not been set. He could be sent to prison for five years and fined $250,000.

Ruff stole the credit cards from mail along his Galloway and Far West Side routes — rural routes 9, 4 and 1 — between 2003 and 2009.

Read more: Former postal carrier admits to stealing from mail | The Columbus Dispatch.

  • RouteAbolished

    Does former mail carrier necessarily mean that he forfeited his pension?

  • Bill Smith 999935

    Well, I’m sure he lost his job when he was indicted – but Federal pensions are pretty sacred cows (though I agree he should lose it).

  • paul

    Actually the postal service along with the rest of the federal employees haven’t had a traditional pension system since 1984. What we have is the government version of a 401K program where the employee can contribute up to a certain amount annually and the employer will contribute up to an additional 5%. So any monies in his TSP, (401K) account is actually his money, except for the 5% employer match.

  • Toejam

    He may already have retired. Can’t take it away then……