Amazon begins delivering fresh groceries in Brooklyn neighborhood today

amazonfreshAmazon’s grocery delivery business is launching in New York City on Friday, the company said, bringing the service to the East Coast for the first time, as the retail giant aggressively pursues a cut of the $600 billion grocery industry.

The service, known as Amazon Fresh, will only be available in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope to start, before expanding to other neighborhoods in the borough, according to the company. Park Slope is a popular area for young professional families and is likely to have a healthy number of Amazon customers. A spokeswoman declined to say when the service might be available in other parts of New York City, including Manhattan.

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  • Retired Carrier

    Park Slope – Brooklyn’s version of the Upper East Side. The Post Office there is already overrun with junk mail to the point where the management has been caught dumping sales circulars that have expired.

  • Toejam

    What happens if someone’s “finger” is poked into the pound of hamburg that was delivered? That two pounds of baby beef liver looks a bit “different”. What’s getting delivered? Canned goods only? Frozen foods? Loaves of bread, gallons of milk? What happened to that 17 pounds of lobster that was delivered and thawed out?????