PMRs and PMR Annuitants Receive MOU Impact Notice

From the League of Postmasters:

leagueLEAGUE Headquarters received copies of the letters sent to current PMRs and PMR annuitants regarding the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the APWU on the POStPlan arbitration. The notices let both the PMR and the PMR annuitants know that they could still be used in 2-hour offices if they chose to continue to be PMRs.

In addition, the Postal Service let the PMRs know that they could apply for PSE positions under the provisions of the MOU and because their knowledge, community connections and ability to provide great service make excellent candidates for these positions. The annuitant letter states that they, too, are eligible to apply for other postal positions if they desire to continue working; any such reemployment will subject the annuitant to the mandatory offset, or reduction, to salary normally required of a reemployed annuitant.

The PMR letter provided information on how to apply for PSE vacancies that are announced on The LEAGUE also has a PowerPoint to assist PSEs in application process.

Many of the PSE jobs started getting posted last week and will continue over the weeks to come. We urge our current PMRs who want to apply for PSE positions to do so. Do not delay if you are interested in applying for PSE positions – register and build your profile now at

Read more: National League of Postmasters – Homepage.

  • Thank big mail

    So how’s it feel. All your skills, knowledge and experience can be used at the new Wal Mart postal units as well. Donahue will ride off with a multi million dollar separation package. Don’t blame the apwu.

  • retiredPMAr

    Thank you to the League of Postmasters for their continued support of Postmasters and PMRs. I am now retired (Thank God) but I can say that as a member of both League and NAPUS, only League helped me when I needed them. NAPUS just didn’t have the time or will to step up when I needed them both.

  • rtsutf

    Did I miss something here? They mention “PMR Annuitants” the last I knew PMR’s where NON-career, no benefits (unless you count they can pay the FULL cost of a FEHB plan). As for the League and NAPUS they are both impotent organizations that didn’t fight the POSTiT plan and are now suffering the effects it wouldn’t surprise me if one or both the organizations folds in the next 5 years. I’m pulling my membership the next chance (March) I’m finished wasting money!

  • Guest

    I believe PMR Annuitant is a retired career employee who now works as a PMR. During one of the PM early retirement incentives, my POOM personally called retiring PMs begging them to come back as PMRs due to staffing shortages. They can receive their full pension in addition to PMR pay. I believe most of them laughed and said no.

  • rtsutf

    Thanks, that makes sense! I would have laughed also!

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