USPS looking to buy up to 10,000 right hand drive vehicles in the next 2 years

United States Postal Service fleet; U.S.A.In what it calls a “stop gap solution” to the problem of an aging fleet of Long Life Vehicles (LLVs), the US Postal Service has issued a request for information (RFI) seeking suppliers who could provide an existing, commercially available Right Hand Drive vehicle:

The United States Postal Service is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to evaluate the possibility of purchasing a new commercially available Right Hand Drive vehicle to supplement its existing fleet of light delivery vehicles. This would be a stop gap solution to meet Right Hand Drive vehicle requirements until the development of a purpose built Right Hand Drive vehicle can be accomplished. The Postal Service anticipates the need for up to 10,000 Right Hand Drive delivery vehicles to replace high maintenance cost Long Life Vehicles (LLVs) over the next two years.

The USPS lists the following requirements for such a vehicle:

  1. The primary requirement is that the right hand drive vehicle shall be capable of delivering mail and packages in a curb line delivery route.
  2. The proposed vehicle must include the plan to meet the current year Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (GARB) emissions standards- where applicable.
  3. The vehicle must have a cargo capacity between 130 and 400 cubic feet capacity behind a drivers bulkhead.
  4. The right hand drive vehicle shall have a maximum roof height of 120 inches.
  5. There shall be a fully detailed service manual provided in electronic format for the vehicle including any converted components, if applicable.
  6. All parts for the vehicle shall be sourced domestically and available to be placed into the USPS supply chain for a minimum of 10 years.
  7. The vehicle shall be warrantied in a similar manner as the OEM vehicle if it is a conversion.
  8. The vehicle shall incorporate a vehicle back up warning system with a backup camera and monitor.
  9. The right hand drive vehicle shall incorporate CAN bus technology and be capable of communicating with OBD1I devices.

Read more: Request For Information RHD Vehicles – RFI-RHDVEHICLES – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities.

  • justmehla

    Lots to choose from are there?

  • LloydStreetMarty

    Ford transit, I’m sure they’ll make 10,000 of them for the post office.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Either the Ford or what Dodge has (Ram Sprinter)

  • TinyTim

    I have 10,000 in my backyard – just send 500k to my PayPal account.

  • zmonster

    Isuzu Reach. Economical diesel engine, good size, would be easy to convert to right hand drive.

  • MikeS

    At least they aren’t being picky about the vehicle they want.

  • rtsutf

    A modified stretched Yugo is probably what they can afford!

  • Tony

    The possibilities are plentiful out there today! I only hope they mean business this time!

  • LloydStreetMarty

    Has to be a US brand. Reread the story.

  • zmonster

    The Isuzu Reach is assembled by Utilimaster, a US company that has been building trucks for UPS and FedEx for decades. I read the story.

  • Your Mom’s Mailman

    It says Izuzu. Last we checked, not a domestic company.

  • Toejam

    Don’t forget…………NO windows in the rear. When the backup system fails in the second week of service, we carriers don’t want to see what’s behind us when we have to back up. AND, most important……….make it rear wheel drive with a POOR limited slip third member. Who needs that all important traction in snow and icy days. Test those vehicles in sunny Florida and Arizona, and maybe in Texas too.

    We also need our vehicles to have a very poor heater/defroster in them, too. We must stick with what the old vehicles did, just an updated version………………Now, venture forth and make those 10K vehicles…………

  • Toejam

    Maybe I missed something somewhere. I just re-read the story, and I can’t see where it says to be made by a US brand…… I see where parts must be “commercially available”, and that doesn’t mean made by a US company, just not to the general public, and at a reduced price.

    Help me out on this……………

  • postalnews

    I can’t find any requirement that the vehicles have to be “a US brand”. I think the confusion has to do with the requirement that “All parts for the vehicle shall be sourced domestically and available to be placed into the USPS supply chain for a minimum of 10 years.” But that just means that there needs to be a domestic source for those parts- in other words, when the USPS orders parts, they don’t have to be shipped from China or Germany, even if that’s where they were manufactured originally.

    I doubt anyone could manufacture a vehicle of any kind that is made completely of US manufactured parts.

  • Franklin Kapustka

    Ford makes right hand drive vehicles for the United Kingdom market including the Transit Courier, the Transit Connect, the Tourneo Connect and even the Fiesta Van. The Kuga is an all wheel drive SUV. GM has the Vivaro Panel Vans, Combo Van and the Movano Van. These are off the shelf vehicles that can be produced in the United States. GM produces all wheel drive vans. Sprinter is even introducing an all wheel drive van for 2015. However, the Ford Transit Connect was selected for the Canadian Postal Service.

  • ruralcarrier2

    hahaha! you NAILED it!! you just forgot one minor not so important detail of the llv…the frayed choke you to death seat belt!

  • LloydStreetMarty

    I bet GM gets the bid because of the buy out.