Video: USPS replacing 10 cluster mailboxes a day in metro Albuquerque

Vandals and thieves are keeping the United States Postal Service very busy around the metro area. Crews are struggling to keep up with the dozens of cluster mailboxes they’re being forced to replace each week.

A USPS spokesperson told KOB they have to replace ten cluster mailboxes every day around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.Neighbors in northeast Albuquerque had their community mailbox broken into two weeks ago.

“It looks like they got a crow bar to rip them apart,” said one neighbor. “A lot of them were busted in.”

The USPS just installed a new one a few days ago. It’s fortified with steel to, hopefully, keep crooks out.

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  • Randy

    A real-time mail delivery notification system would help eliminate many thefts. If the customer is notified real-time that their mail has been delivered to a cluster box, then they have the ability to get to the mailbox right at time of delivery. Thus, reducing the chance of mailbox theft. This is especially good for seniors and the disabled who may be at home during the day.

  • Wendy Johnson Knapp

    Why not just deliver to their door??????

  • carrier zero

    Why not stop all snail mail. Wack the old they are now useless and smell bad.

  • Toejam

    Maybe the postal police/inspectors could DO THEIR JOB and catch these people. Can’t catch a criminal while vacationing on the clock………………

  • paul

    Carrier Zero,
    You may have a good point. Why don’t you just keep breathing everyday for the next 30 or 40 years and see if you still feel the same way about “wacking the old”