NALC backs PAEA author Susan Collins for re-election

paeasigningWhile the National Association of Letter Carriers now blames the 2006 PAEA law for most of the US Postal Service’s financial problems, the union still supports the author of that law, Republican Susan Collins of Maine, for re-election. The union’s endorsement appears on the union’s “NALC Voter Guide

Aside from her authorship of the disastrous PAEA law, Collins has a reputation for being a moderate- or what passes for a “moderate” in the modern tea party GOP. But that hasn’t stopped her from toeing the party line, voting against health care reform, the minimum wage, and equal pay for women- causes that used to be supported by all labor unions- and which continue to be supported by the Maine AFL-CIO, and by Collins’ opponent, Democrat Shenna Bellows.
NALC Voter Guide | National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO.

  • Stan the man

    How come the worst NALC president in history, (poodle head) isn’t in the picture?

  • bagman

    You are the man Stan. What has happened to my beloved NALC.

  • JG4th


  • zmonster

    This endorsement of Collins by the NALC can only be out of fear. Shenna Bellows, Collins’ opponent, is a poster child for organized labor. Young, attractive, former chairperson of the Maine state ACLU, supporter of same-sex marriage. Bellows is unlikely to unseat Collins and Freddie knows it. The retribution that Collins would rain down on the NALC if Freddie backed Bellows is substantial. If Freddie thinks PAEA was bad (even though he supported it in 2006), he ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • bigtime

    we ll be paying 30% more for our health care because of these nitwits , and get treated like crap everyday and you think we care who the nalc endorses ? just endorse bozo , because these clowns are porking us at every turn

  • Val Nostdahl

    Quote from the movie North Country ” is your blood on the ice , yellow or red, which one is it, YELLOW or RED..”
    Fred which one is it…

  • wtf

    I would write a letter to the national President and demand that her name be taken off! If they don’t, then why pay them dues? And don’t forget these nitwits come the next election!