APWU’s Dimondstein calls for Donahoe’s resignation

From Politico:

POSTAL UNION PREZ TO POSTMASTER: ADIOS: In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, Mark Dimondstein, president of the 200,000 member American Postal Workers Union, calls for the resignation of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe “and the promotion of a Postmaster who is gonna do right by the people of this country.”

Dimondstein says that Donahoe is on “a rampage to cut, cut, cut” and has no plan to save the Postal Service, which shed 37,400 jobs in 2013 alone and is projected to eliminate approximately 169,000 jobs by 2022.

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  • juliawillebrand

    No doubt Donahoe has a mega buck job with Fed-ex or some other rip-off corporation just waiting for when he accomplishes the privatization of the mail service. And still have not seen any coverage of the gigantic theft/”sale” of precious postal murals that he has organized by selling off closed post offices built during the depression.

  • Joe Guest

    And who’s making hundreds of millions off the sale of government owned USPS properties? Sen.Dainne Feinstein,that’s who!

  • Zeus

    The BOG really doesn’t care what he does as long as they are left alone. He will retire when his contract is up, either in 2015 or 2016. I can’t see him staying longer. He’s looking more tired and haggard as time goes on. I think he will be replaced by either Brennan or an outsider. We need an outsider. Brennan is too much of an insider.