Virginia rural carrier helps victim of neglect

Williamsburg, VA, Rural Carrier Mark Seftas has been working the same route for 10 years and knows his customers well. When he received a note in a customer’s mailbox addressed to him asking for help, he knew he had to act quickly.

The customer told Seftas she had written to her son to let him know she was out of bread and water, but the son hadn’t responded. After work, Seftas purchased a case of bottled water and bread and took them to the customer.

A short time later, Seftas received another note asking for help in contacting her son, as well as a list of other critical supplies. Seftas realized the customer needed more help than he could provide and told his supervisor, who contacted a local social services agency.

An agency representative told the Post Office the woman was a victim of neglect and would receive assistance.

“Mark is a great employee who cares so much about his customers,” said Customer Services Manager Rosemarie Whitman. “He’s efficient, punctual and good at his job. He is humble and doesn’t see anything extraordinary about what he did — he simply saw a need and filled it.”

Said Seftas: “I love my job and I’m so glad to know my customer got the help she needed.”

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