City of Berkeley takes a stand against USPS by rezoning historic PO

From the Wall Street Journal:

The U.S. Postal Service has found a foe in the city of Berkeley, Calif.

In a bid to raise cash and cut operating expenses, the Postal Service has been trying to sell the ornate post office in the city’s downtown, built in 1914, against the wishes of many residents and elected officials.

Last week, the Berkeley City Council added a big hurdle by passing an ordinance restricting development on the post office and surrounding government buildings to public uses. That likely makes the property less valuable to potential purchasers.

The city has been pondering such a measure for well over a year, with backers saying the building should remain a post office.

But the zoning proposal has been met with fierce resistance from the Postal Service, which has said it is being unfairly targeted and the measure is unfair. A Postal Service spokesman said in an email that it is “evaluating all options with respect to the actions taken by the City of Berkeley.”

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