Video: Postal worker ‘laughs hysterically’ trying to run someone over in front of elementary school

BELLEVUE, Wash. — A postal service worker has been arrested for trying to run over someone who was documenting the worker’s offensive behavior toward another person, Bellevue police said.

It all began just after 11 a.m. out front of Phantom Lake Elementary School. The victim was waiting in his car to pick up his child when he overheard a loud argument on the street between a postal worker and another driver over a parking issue, said Seth Tyler with Bellevue Police.

"The victim overheard the postal worker allegedly yelling obscenities very loudly at the citizen and thought that was inappropriate behavior," Tyler said.

The victim walked over in front of the Jeep an in effort to take a picture of the serial number and make a complaint to the Postal Service. But as the victim readied to snap the photo, the worker put the vehicle into drive and intentionally hit the leg of the victim, police said. The victim staggered back and the worker hit the leg two more times, laughing at the victim, Tyler said.

"(The victim) said when she was driving toward him, she was laughing hysterically as if she had just heard a joke," Tyler said. "So that’s very concerning to us that she would exhibit that type of behavior."

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