Video: NALC President Emeritus Bill Young responds to Dave Noble

Former NALC President Bill Young responds to charges made by NALC Presidential candidate Dave Noble:

Here’s the video Young is responding to:

  • Stan the man

    Poodle head should take a dirt nap! Poodle head agreed with the prefunding of health care, and DOIS. Worst Nalc president in history!!!

  • Brett

    What percentage of Rolando’s take did Bill get. Rolando got $6500 per person to be on his ticket. Is that $6500 per position or just the positions being voted for? What Bill does not say is that David Noble has filed lawsuits against the N.A.L.C., but Bill did not mention that those lawsuits were to protect the members not himself. Bill on a personal note it is far easier to tell part of the truth rather than all the truth. What a pity, Vince was the best Union President that I have ever had in the N.A.L.C. and you were probably the worst. With Fred he just forgot what it was like to work on the front lines with the rest of us Letter Carriers.

  • Dan hines

    Bill was the worst NALC president
    Dan hines


    Unreal~ Bill Young is the REASON why 134 thousand people got NRP’D! HE NEVER fought for any of these people! The USPS broke anti-trust laws and discriminated and where was BILL YOUNG and our union as these union members were walked out of the post offices all across this country? Young sold the injured down the river without a paddle and then bailed out in 2009. I would say Bill Young was the WORST NALC NATIONAL PRESIDENT EVER! Many of the problem issues NALC has today is a direct result of his presidency– we almost lost our COLA. Why such a strong attack on David Noble and without allowing him to make a response? I believe the lawsuits had no bearing on Noble as they were filed for the rank in file and for whatever reason! When someone has an issue within our union, you do not mock him, you see if they can substantiate what he is saying. OBVIOUSLY the slam job that Bill Young just did shows that there must be some merit to David Nobles claims.

  • Brett

    Again in response to former President Young and to President Rolando on a different note, why do we have an Appeals Committee up in National. They do not have the backbone either to answer the appeals set before them. If the Labor Board has a complaint, why does National wait to hear their response before making their own. I would also love to see where it is in writing concerning the additional funds being paid to our National Officers i.e. $500.00 per month. None of us Letter Carriers get extra money for living in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, etc. but in National they do. Don’t they have a credit card for additional expenses for Union business. Things need to be changed for and by the entire membership not by the select few. Our Union has most of us believe whatever they say until someone says something else that sounds legit. The problem is that the original person stating the truth gets labeled a trouble maker as did David Noble. Instead of thanking him for what he is claiming instead he is made out as a trouble maker.

  • Mr.Mailman

    An issue even more important than this secret money going to the union executives is Donawhore’s proposal to take Postal Employees out of FEHB and put them in a USPS run health benefits system run by the incompetents at L’Enfant Plaza that they themselves won’t be required to be in! Why has Rolando been silent on this very important issue? Donawhore came out with this proposal 3 years ago and Rolando should have said immediately that the NALC will oppose and fight any attempt by USPS mismanagement to take USPS employees minus management of course out of FEHB.

  • zmonster

    Bill Young is a disgrace. He validated DOIS by letting management use it in IARAP, MIARAP and JARAP. How do you fix routes that you partnered with Management to screw up?

    Bill Young rolled over and played dead while thousands of dues paying members lost their livelihood. People who relied on him. Their crime, being injured at work.

    Bill Young claimed his greatest achievement was the passage of PAEA, the legislation that has caused the vast majority of our current problems.

    The fact is that Bill Young was a neutered poodle. Jack Potters lap dog.

  • Pudge

    Just ask yourself if the conditions on your workroom floor are better or worse today than they were 5-10 years ago. Which direction is it heading?

  • Joe Gibson

    DOIS does 2 things: project your leave time in the morning & then track your actual clock rings plus auxiliary assistance after you clock off. The RAPs use the 2nd part of DOIS — the carriers’ actual times.

    A national arbitrator ruled the DOIS projection cannot be the sole estimate of a carrier’s workload, which is why Box J on your 3996 is so important. If a carrier then skips breaks or shortens lunch, the yes, the actual times will then come back to haunt the carrier in a RAP. If a carrier works smart, honest, and safe, the RAP process works well.

  • Joe Gibson

    I became a letter carrier 8 years ago and a steward 7 years ago. My workroom floor is better today because I got involved. The NALC is a representative democracy, with a lot of power at the local level. The more carriers that are involved in the Union, shoulder to shoulder, the more effective We are.

    Noble is making promises after the fact — easy to do. I don’t doubt that his original grievances were rooted in some truth; however, his campaign rhetoric is filled with so many lies, I cannot possible endorse his ticket.

  • Ron T

    Anyone ever try to talk to Fred Rolando? You can’t. King Fred has a policy that in order to contact him you MUST send a certified letter to him. No phone calls. He will NOT talk to a letter carrier without a certified letter. I have sent several Cert’s to Mr. Rolando in the past year about very important and security issues in our branch. But, he won’t ever return a call and admittedly his officers will tell you that you can’t talk to Fred….only write..

    Talk about total detachment? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR PRESIDENT?

  • Craig Bishop

    Yes. I have spoke with Fred on numerous occasions, both in person and via telephone. “King”? You must be mistaking President Rolando for someone else. Fred Rolando is one of the most personable men that I’ve known; he speaks to and treats others as equals. Personally, I enjoy the mild humor that he mixes into most conversations.
    While I certainly won’t call you a liar Ron T, I will say that you are mistaken.
    And remember, for responsible representation, vote for the Rolando/O’Malley team!

  • Ron T

    If you have spoken with Fred by phone while he is in Washington DC then you must be a friend of his. His policy is no direct phone calls to him. I was told this by several officers in Washington. Craig, I am not a liar and I am not mistaken. I would certainly produce the letters and certified receipts to back up what I am saying.
    Not going to argue with you here though. This union needs new blood. Fred was never “elected” president. He was appointed when Bill Young stepped down. Then ran unopposed. So it is nice to see a real election. Keeps everyone thinking.

  • Craig Bishop

    Running unopposed, thus being elected by consent or acclamation, is being elected.
    I see no difference between myself and any other letter carrier-Fred is a friend to all of us. I have spoke with him via telephone while he was in D.C.
    In my opinion,Fred’s leadership skills and abilities are unmatched by any living union advocate.
    I have proudly cast my ballot for Fred and the entire Rolando team and will do so again in four years if he decides to run again.

  • ben aroundtheblock

    does anyone actually believe how they vote makes a difference? the same insider company has been paid off to “count the ballots”. who do you people think is on the “ballot committee”? lapdogs and puppets appointed by the nba’s. a challenger has no chance…let the under the table payments continue…they exist, they are wrong, and the good ‘ol boys club stays in business.

  • Cliff Guffey

    You’re absolutely right! Once they get in, they’re set for life- it’s not as if the members could vote them out- I mean, when has that ever happened?

  • Brett

    In response to Ben around the block if more people think your way they will not vote for change. Each and every vote counts and change can happen. Unless you have blinders on vote for change. People every day complain about things, The president of the United States, Congress, and things a lot less important to most. But then stop complaing and do nothing. Be proud to do nothing but complain. Look most of you people don’t know me but I complain and fight all the time for whats right. Sometimes I win sometimes I don’t but at least I voice my opinion. If you are not happy vote for all the new comers not the incumbents. Most of the newcomers have carried mail recently such as Israel, Beal, Spikes, Bloom, and Jones. Noble has a bad reputation because he decided to fight for the Letter Carriers not for himself. Vote for change and if you are not happy, then vote them out in the next election. Vote for change and you might be surprised for the better.

  • Brett

    To Craig Bishop thank you for voting even though for the wrong reasons. First off Fred Rolando Does not answer phone calls, but does answer certified letters. I have also called and was told to write a certified letter to him. True about Fred’s leadership except mainly for the C.C.A.’s inability to get proper representation, fair pay, benefits, work. I have met and talked with Fred a at least 10 different occasions and has a great personality. What Ron is talking about is change with the five different positions. Also the cost of being on the Rolando/O’Malley ticket. The cost was $6500.00 per person to be on their ticket. Probably did not know that but that is a different discussion at a different time. Good luck on your voting but I think all will be surprised by the out come.

  • Cliff Guffey

    You’re right! I would never vote for someone for national president unless I knew he would answer when I called him on the phone. People can talk all they want about two tier pay systems, five day delivery, layoffs, whatever- the important thing to the membership is having the Big Guy pick up the damn phone!

    You never know when you might have a question for Fred- like, you know, vacation scheduling or which doctor is in your PPO network- or maybe it’s just one of those nights and you’re a little lonely and you just need to talk to someone. You don’t want to have to send a certified letter do you?! Am I right?! Now THAT’s what being a union president is all about, isn’t it?

  • Craig Bishop


    Not sure where the “$6500.00 per person” number came from or how it would matter. The only surprise we may have is if Noble gets more than 1.32% of the vote.

  • Brett

    Well Craig it actually was found out while at the National Election. There was a young lady selling raffle tickets who told both me and another delegate the money was for someone who was trying to collect the $6500.00 to be on Rolando’s ticket. Very pricey if you ask me. It does matter if you think about it because the other candidates were never told about it and Fred collected the money and has yet to say who his ticket is. We all got the mail out but what happens to the rest of the money that is not spent? Does the remainder go back to the other people who paid in? And think about something for a second, each officer receives $500.00 per month for expenses as in the constitution, which comes out to $6,000.00 per year. That is our money and technically all the candidate have to come up with is $500.00 out of their own pocket. Which in actuality means all the membership has paid to be the Rolando/O’Malley ticket. Does that seem fair? Well either way the election is going through and and may the best candidate win. On another note Noble will surely get a lot more than 1.32% of the vote. Noble has been fighting foe the Letter Carriers for a long time and has been given a bad rap. Don’t let anyone sell you garbage you should investigate yourself and make your own decision. I believe in fairness and nothing against Fred but the facts don’t add up to the truth.

  • Ron T

    HERE HERE!!!

  • Craig Bishop

    In any election, candidates on a slate usually contribute funds to campaign with; any excess is split and returned to the individuals.
    How an officer, or any person spends his wages or any other compensation, is of no concern to me.
    I have seen President Rolando’s leadership style over several years and am extremely satisfied with it; change simply for the sake of change is nonsense.
    I do predict that more people will vote for Noble by accident than intentionally.
    P.S. The best candidate, Fred Rolando, will win.

  • MVS Man

    Go away Cliff Goofy! you were an f’n joke as APWU president and Donawhore’s lapdog!

  • brett

    If Fred returns all monies to his ticket which I never said he would not do, then he is a better man than I thought. But I guess we will have to wait atleast 23 more days to see. Lets just have a fair election that is all I can say..

  • beb aroundtheblock

    you guys don’t get it…hello,,,,the votes are being tabulated before any real ballots are opened..i am tellin you, scrutinize who is on the ballot committee and notice who sent them,,,earth to membership an incumbent will not lose…that’s why all of the changes in officer positions take place between elections once the fraud election starts the ballot tallys have been predetermined…wake up people

  • Joe Friday

    You’ve got the right idea! It’s really so much easier when you tell yourself that you’re right. no matter what happens! The way you have it figured out, Noble’s gonna win and there’s no way you can be wrong:

    – If Noble somehow wins the election, you’re right!
    – If Noble loses the election, you’re right! (because the election was rigged all along!

    It must be so much easier for you, not having to actually think about stuff!

    (Of course, if the second possibility happens, can we assume that Noble will immediately file charges with the DOL for election fraud? Or is he in on the massive conspiracy too?)

  • paul

    Do the math again, elections are every four years. If the officers receive $500 monthly or $6 ,000 per year for expenses then the total for four years is $24,000.

  • tim

    Finally someone gets it right. Young was the worst and who was a key team member. That’s right, Rolando. They both ranted about the postal Accountability act being a boon to the PO and the exact opposite happened. Rolando basically told the TE’s to take a $5.00/hr. pay cut OR QUIT. He teamed up with management to create the CCA program which will accelerate 5 day delivery, and affect ALL employees pay, retirement, pension and social security. He didn’t have to roll over to management so easily. Oh, I forgot now management has their foot in the door to create an all partime work force. This guy has got to go!!

  • Lady J

    I agree MVS Man,
    Cliff Guffey was a horrible APWU President. Awful . The clerks are still reeling from his lack of leadership, hopeless. But, Guffey is sarcastically right; incumbents can be voted out. I would hope that the NALC members have had enough of our Executive Officers “working with” management till the point that when you really have to argue and fight with your own Union Representative more than management. You don’t know where one begins and one ends. It is as if the Executive Officers and even Branch Officers are Postal Management and we have little to no representation. We cannot afford to not vote for change. Four more years of the same can be more damaging than we could possibly recover from. People want to collect salaries ranging over a $150,000 a year plus “fringe benefits” as Bill Young put it but they don’t want to do the real job of fighting and speaking for our rights as letter carriers. ENOUGH !

  • paul

    My NBA, who I won’t identify here, personally did a fund raiser because he told us that the cost to be on the Rolando ticket was $6,500 per candidate. My NBA was elected by acclamation so he doesn’t have to be on the ticket. Guess I should ask him what he did with the money he raised.

  • tim palmer

    All this talk about NALC election cheating has given my some laughs and has made me angry at time. My biggest question is, Anyone that has been with the union for any length of time know about the noble law suit. If there has been any bad feeling from the membership, why hasn’t one branch or 100 branches gone to a convention with a resolution to end the perks that noble say are being bad wrongly. That hasn’t happened and we have had 10 conventions since noble started whinning noble wants the officers he named in his law suit to pay back the NALC. Since many of the officers that were named are now dead or in bad health I understand noble will take the money from the widowed families of our great members. My only wish is that the heart problem noble had a few years ago, turns terminatively fatal