Iowa college’s mail ends up in the Bronx

coaHow secure is the US Postal Service’s mail forwarding process? You might want to ask officials at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. From August 22 to September 17, mail addressed to the college was forwarded to an address in the Bronx, NY. A vendor alerted the college when a letter he sent to the school was returned to him with the Bronx forwarding address.

The USPS now believes the problem started when a student filled out a change of address form for his own mail, but used the college’s main address.

The student tried to contact a staff member about the error, but that person was on long-term leave and didn’t get the message.

USPS officials tell KWWL that a confirmation letter is automatically sent after a change of address form is filed to prevent this kind of issue.

"Officials at the college may have disregarded the mail piece because it would have been addressed to the individual who submitted the change of address," said Stacy St John of the USPS.

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