Election Mail, campaign guidelines for Post Offices

From USPS News Link- election season guidelines for post offices:

Do not allow the following items to be placed or collected in lobbies:

  • Ballot boxes or receptacles on the premises.
  • Partisan materials — the depositing, posting, or displaying of any materials that could be considered part of a political campaign, including any materials featuring photographs of elected officials or party symbols, is prohibited. This restriction also applies to community bulletin boards.
  • Freestanding/locally produced signs, fliers, posters, or other structures, except those as part of postal activities. No tables, chairs, freestanding sings, posters, structures, or furniture of any type may be placed on postal property. Refer any questions about this prohibition to the law department field office in your area.

Do not allow the following activities to take place in your lobbies, on postal sidewalks or other exterior postal property:

  • Campaigning for election to public office – any activity conducted in support of a campaign for election of an individual to any public office is prohibited on postal property. This prohibition includes depositing, posting, displaying, or distributing campaign literature; requesting or collecting signatures to put a candidate on an election ballot; or asking for or collecting contributions for a partisan organization or cause.  Refer any questions about these prohibited activities to the law department field office in your area.

The following items or activities may be allowed in your lobbies with the following limitations:

  • Voter registration materials and absentee ballot applications — the display of these materials is optional.; However, the materials are only to be displayed in the PO Box lobby zone.
  • Voter registration activities on postal premises — all requests are to be sent to the law department field office in your area.
  • Photography, filming and audio recordings — any kind of audio or visual recordings conducted for news, advertising, or commercial purposes require prior permission/approval from your district’s communications programs specialist.  Contact the Office of Rights and Permission at headquarters for further information.

USPS News Link – Election Mail, campaign guidelines for Post Offices.