Mitzi Betman named USPS VP and chief of staff

PMG Pat Donahoe has named Mitzi Betman vice president, Corporate Communications, and chief of staff.

Betman has served in this dual capacity since June. She is leading efforts to help executives communicate about important activities and initiatives internally and externally.

Since beginning her postal career in 1981, Betman has held various positions in both the field and at headquarters in Washington, DC.

“She has led numerous cross-functional teams and initiatives across Operations and all departments, and has the deep knowledge of our organization needed for the Postal Service to succeed in today’s competitive environment,” Donahoe said.


    Oh Snap! A hand-picked successor?!? Not Deputy PMG (yet), but I would like to know more about her 33 year Postal career. Anybody else?

  • sinaatra

    Another Vice-President. Nobody to replace PMG Donahoe? He knows how to pick them

  • paul

    She is leading efforts to help executives communicate about important activities and initiatives internally and externally. Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t executives already know how to communicate? Wait, I forgot, we are talking about Postal executives, sorry.

  • paul

    “She has led numerous cross-functional teams and initiatives across Operations and all departments. Gotta love those “cross-functional teams”, I’m pretty sure that means a bunch of managers who don’t know each others jobs finding ways of doing those jobs better, so at the end of the year they can get a bonus for thier great “cross-functional” work.

  • Retired Mailman

    Another VP with degrees from diploma mills…….

  • retired too

    I’m glad to see that she’s been pivoting in her downtime by taking on a dual capacity. What a fine example of leading by example. Does being cross- functional mean she can write with both hands? I’d spell out ambidextrous but I’m not as sophisticated as these high thinking folks.

  • Beleg

    The Postal Service has eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs through attrition and hiring freezes since its glory days when there were over 800,000 employees. Unfortunately, Postal Headquarters, Area Offices and District Offices have not been consolidated and reduced to match the declining number of lower level field employees. The Postal Service is so top heavy that it is in danger of toppling over, like an inverted pyramid. In fairness to the Postal Service, Headquarters and Area offices did go through a resizing a few years ago and a couple of Area Offices and District Offices have been consolidated but the effort stopped there. Basically, all functions in the Postal Service have experienced a significant decline in employee numbers with the noticeable exception of Headquarters staff. It’s time for the PMG to reduce, consolidate, eliminate and otherwise right size the executive ranks of the Postal Service to match the declines in craft, supervisor and manager ranks. It’s the right thing to do and its way overdue.nother

  • Yeah right

    Such typical responses from the “rank & file”. These poor, oppressed workers who only have to show up for work – not necessarily actually do any work, just show up. Then, if actually asked to work and earn their pay and benefits, they file a grievance.

  • Marek Kwasniewski

    more crap from the government run USPS

  • retired too

    Apparently you know nothing of Postal culture for if you did you’d understand the reaction to this latest appointment. Please educate yourself beginning with a reading of a fine and accurate article ” Blue on Wheels ” by Jess Stoner. Or better yet apply for and work as a “rank and file ” then reappear on this forum and air your grievances.

  • retired too

    Independently run and financed by postage, not tax money, except for revenue sapping interference from Congress.

  • PrimateZero

    You’re greatly mistaken. The only ones showing up for work and doing absolutely nothing are supervisors and 204Bs. They stare at a computer screen with a lobotomized look on their face. Type in bogus numbers into the magic number box. Try to convince carriers with more years in the service that they have “down-time”. Complain about how much they have to do and then the minute the carriers are all on the street, get on the phone to gossip with some other asshole supervisor. The only thing more worthless and idiotic is the CCA who after completing is probationary period….becomes a 204B. Of course you already knew this, because you are an asshole supervisor….aren’t you?

  • postalworker1


  • cathyandmike

    Best of luck! In my 30 years with USPS I have found that this organization is the WORST in the area of communication. Too many bosses who give out bad or no information and not enough craft workers to do the actual work of the service.

  • Mr. Reality

    What decline in supervisor and manager ranks? you make no sense with that statement, there has been no decline in the lower and middle management ranks either. When did Donadope offer VER’s with RIF’s coming behind it to them? am I missing something? and the consolidation of the regions and areas didn’t amount to any reductions in management numbers, they were just transferred to headquarters which has doubled in numbers since Donadope became PMG and was just smoke and mirrors.