Indiana PMR Charged with Embezzlement

uspsoigWTVW TV in Henderson KY is reporting that a postal employee in Richland, Indiana has been charged with embezzling USPS funds. According to USPS records, the individual is a postmaster relief (PMR) who was hired in June 2013:

Authorities say that between Dec. 6th, 2013 and Feb. 1st, 2014, 26-year-old Brittney L. Thorpe, while working as a Postal Service employee in Richland, IN, took money orders and used them to obtain funds to pay her personal living expenses. The loss to the Postal Service is approximately $5,286.

Read more: Former Postal Service Employee Charged with Embezzlement – Tristatehomepage – Eyewitness News.

  • Mr. Postman

    Why should this be no surprise to the USPS or anybody else?

    When you don’t pay people enough money to live on, they will steal. Employee theft is not just at the USPS, it’s everywhere in the private sector as well.

    Difference is, in the private sector most often you only get fired from your job with no criminal charges. Steal from the USPS, you’re a felon.