• not living the dream

    Stop it! Guess that was his work for the month – was he able to do the video in the time DOIS allotted?

  • Gregg Grubbs

    This clown is so full of caca!! Staples is not bringing in revenue.It’s diverting revenue because the USPS has closed post offices or reduced hours so people have no choice but to go their or a village post office.One day(hopefully soon) this idiot will lose his job and be replaced by someone who won’t sell out the USPS.How many Martini’s did he have when he made this video?? He talks about political mail and how important it is for it’s timely delivery,yet he fails to mention that the USPS has closed 142 processing plants and may close up to 82 more.And yes,these closings do delay the mail whether or not they say it does not.We need to get rid of this idiot before it’s too late.The clock is ticking!!