Report: USPS is building a database of employees’ personal health records

A recent article on federal efforts to automate health records mentions a rather unlikely partner: the US Postal Service. The article quotes Karen DeSalvo, the national coordinator for Health Information Technology as telling a health IT conference this week that the USPS is “making a personal health record and a portal so they can access their [employees’] health information”:

DeSalvo said ONC [Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT] is planning to leverage the United States Postal Service as a pilot to experiment with new health record interoperability.

“They have hundreds of thousands of employees for whom they are making a personal health record and a portal so they can access their health information,” she said. “They also have a potential platform to create a way that every American has an identifier, like an address” they registered online.

Read more: Are the keys to interoperable health IT hidden outside the health care field? – FedScoop.

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy


  • sue hamlett

    What about HIPAA laws? Sounds like the usps VIOLATING everyone of them. My health is no one’s business!!!!

  • Scum bags

    Rest assured it will be used for discipline , sick leave reduction and removals.

  • bitten carrier

    The medical info can be used to find management hopefuls. Look, a sociopath, they are assured a management position. Look, a Psychopath, thay are assured a supervisor position.

  • super supervisor

    but…..funny thing is…miss 1 msp scan, low, 1 accident 7 day, 1 missed priority, failure to follow instructions!! bye bye!! or the infamous, Im doing the best I can, oh yeah, opps, I missed a clock ring error..for 2 days pay. sorry Im doing the best I can..oops