• tonyfro

    You can’t use extra tape, it has to fit and seal “as is” to qualify. The theory is that if you have to use extra tape, it doesn’t really fit.

  • Katherine Goode Denman

    Exactly if you add extra tape then it is not considered fitting! She needs to get a flat rate box.

  • Stephanie Nanouski Thompson

    i suspect you have one of our new employees making the decision to send this back postage due. you are correct. legal size flat rate shipping is all that this piece needs. please don’t let a couple bad apples spoil your experience with us

  • Stephanie Nanouski Thompson

    she can use extra tape. there is nothing saying you can’t. the woman is correct

  • Stephanie Nanouski Thompson

    wrong. if it fits, it ships, period. she can use extra tape.

  • Mailgal

    I use flat rate shipping a lot, (also work for the USPS) and if it fits it ships. I ALWAYS use tape just to reinforce opening, because the customer is correct, as it goes through the system it gets beat up & the tape helps keep it all together. Tape is perfectly fine!!!!!

  • postalnews

    The DMM says:

    “Tape may be applied to the flaps and seams to
    reinforce the container provided the design of the container is not
    enlarged by opening the sides, and the container is not reconstructed in
    any way.” (115 1.2)

  • Cathy Holmes Lindsey

    My local office it refusing books that I have been shipping forever in these. They say if it isn’t a document I can’t use it… false advertising. I was a USPS employee for 12 years, I don’t think I ever picked up one of these that was flat. CHANGE THE AD, or abide by it.

  • Cathy Holmes Lindsey

    YOU CAN REINFORCE THE SEAMS as long as you don’t make them bigger. These boxes get wet, all the seams fall apart.