Decision is Reached on POStPlan Arbitration

napusNAPUS and the LEAGUE have received Steven Goldberg’s arbitration decision on POStPLan. Both organizations are deeply disappointed with the decision and are still working through the details of the arbitration document. Clearly this will have an impact on PMRs in 4-hour RMPOs, vacant 6-hour RMPOs and 6-hour Postmaster positions in the future. We can be thankful that incumbent 6-hour Postmasters (including those being RIF’d to 6-hour Postmaster positions), will keep their Postmaster position as long as they do not vacate the office. Once these offices are vacated, they too will be staffed by APWU employees.

Here is an overview of the arbitration:
• 2-hour RMPOs will stay staffed with PMRs
• 4-hour RMPOs will be staffed with APWU PSEs. The PMRs in these offices will have the opportunity to take the test and apply for the positions.
• 6-hour RMPOs will be staffed by NTFT employees or traditional employees. Those offices with incumbent Postmasters, including those accepting their own office as a RIF offer with a reduction to 6 hours, will stay in the jobs until vacated.
• PTPOs 6-hour offices will stay staffed with a Postmaster. These offices were not part of the arbitration decision since they still have all of the Postmaster administrative responsibilities.

When any RMPO or PTPO is evaluated and increases to a Level 18, the office will then be posted and filled by a non-bargaining employee and managed by a Postmaster.

All Level 18 offices will be staffed with PTFs instead of PSEs, ending the staffing issues for many Level 18 Postmasters.

Both Postmaster organizations continue to review the POStPlan Arbitration. Clearly the fact that Postmaster administrative duties were removed from the 6-hour Postmaster positions and the 4-hour RMPOs weighed heavily on the arbitrator’s decision.

We will keep you posted as to further developments regarding the arbitration as well as the timeline for conversion of the 4-hour RMPOs from PMR to PSE employees.

Read more: NAPUS.

  • Tony

    Now I know I made the right decision to get out when I did! Thanks for easing my mind NAPUS! Best of Luck to all left behind.

  • PM36

    I quit NAPUS when they rolled over 2 years ago and postmasters lost their jobs. Wish I could rejoin so I could quit them again!!!

  • moose

    When NAPUS made the decision to “work with” postal HQ on postplan, the stage was set for this decision. President Bob Rapoza and the Executive Board did not spend enough time determining a course of action before allowing themselves to be blackmailed by COO Megan Brennan. The “take it (work with us) or leave it (we will implement it anyway)” offer should have been soundly turned down instead of accepted unanimously by the board.

    From the outside looking in, it was painfully obvious this is what was going to happen. Is a Postmaster really a Postmaster when they report to another Postmaster? Is a Postmaster really a Postmaster when they have NO administrative or supervisory duties? It was perfectly clear, and should have been clear to Mr. Rapoza and the board, the APWU would be after those positions as the duties were essentially clerk positions.

    Every resource and every asset should have been spent on fighting postplan. Informing Congress and the American public, fighting the USPS in court, and supporting Postmasters should have been the priority. Instead, we will see a once proud and strong organization representing less than 8,000 remaining Postmasters.

    NAPUS will most likely fail to have the resources necessary to continue business as usual.

  • glad i am out

    end of the month for me. quit when they screwed us two years ago. I wonder how many did quit napus? my guess is quite a few