USPS seeks employees for holiday ad campaign

The Postal Service is seeking employees to appear in a TV commercial for this year’s holiday season.

The commercial will be similar to a 2013 holiday spot that showcased employees as the cornerstone of the Postal Service. This sentiment will also be part of the new commercial, along with a message about how USPS employees are preparing for their busiest season.

All city letter carriers, mail handlers, retail and mail processing clerks, and maintenance bargaining unit employees are welcome to audition. No prior acting experience is required.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Create a video of yourself, with your name, job description, how long you’ve been with the Postal Service, and why you want to be in the new commercial. Your video doesn’t need to be professional, but make sure you can be clearly seen and heard.
  • Upload your video, and complete the online form with some important information to help the Postal Service learn more about you.
  • Hit “Submit” to make sure your video is reviewed.

Submissions are due by Monday, Sept. 29, at 12 p.m. EDT. Applicants must receive approval from their managers prior to selection and production of the commercials.

Employees must have special permission to view streaming content that originates on external sites if they’re using the postal network and their ACE computers. Videos also can be viewed outside the postal network, using personal computers or smart devices.

USPS News Link Story – Open call.

  • Bixby

    The USPS hates its employees and lies to them daily. If not for the unions they would strip you all of your pay,rights and benefits. But yet as always plenty who suck up to mgt will step forward and volenteeer . Lets not forget about all the 204b hopefuls either. Its sickening.

  • Karen Zwolinkiewicz

    I gots my 30 years in………..I’m no suck up,just want to be on tv

  • Bud

    The top of the ad said, “Open call,” yet it’s pretty conspicuous that “Rural Carrier” was left off of the Job Function list for applicants. How are they supposed to apply for the ad if they can’t even select their correct job description?