USPS found to be at fault in Missouri letter carrier’s heat death in 2012

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — When a mail carrier died on the job, his wife blamed the Post Office for not taking his concerns about excessive heat seriously. The widow finally has closure two years after his death.

All Kay Watzlawick has of her husband John are memories. They would’ve been married 35 years this year and she remembers him fondly, even when recounting disagreements.

“I’m not perfect and he wasn’t either. I miss those arguments believe it or not,” she said.

John Watzlawick was a devoted mail carrier of 28 years. He died delivering mail on a blistering hot day in July 2012.

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  • jt

    70 thousand dollar fine is nothing to the post office , nothing will change in that f@#ken place

  • Bob

    I’m sorry for your loss. With that being said the PO will never change they could care less about what the mail carriers have to deal with!

  • Root’n Toot’n Union!

    Hope she sues the PO for a zillion dollars. Those useless mis-management aresholes should serve time for murder.

  • FedUp

    My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. I hope that they sue. It’s poor management like with everything else they do. Remember Carriers 8 and out do not extend your street time. It’s only 100 degrees out. We are sitting here in A/C. It’s not that bad out there.

  • bigtime

    and they are gonna be at fault for death of medford massachusetts carrier . these supervisors , managers and post masters only care about the numbers and bonuses, or whatever scam name they are calling them now . they got us working in the hottest part of day , in another 3 weeks we will be working in pitch black darkness, got us pivoting everyday including mondays and after holidays . everything they have done and continue to do for the carrier craft is a keep your fingers crossed nobody dies or gets crippled with work schedules and methods . now that they have been found at fault , there should be a manslaughder charge brought against them. they know what the ramifications could be as they throw their little peanut brains around daily. charge them !

  • retired too

    Want to see change? Make those who promote such policies personally liable for damages and then perhaps they’d think twice about their actions.

  • Toejam

    Now for the sad part………just HOW MANY people are going to get promoted because of this?????

  • Toejam

    As some say, to sue the USPS. I don’t think the USPS can be sued, but I read that the people that made the stupid decision(s) CAN be sued. I hope this happens.

  • steve

    Its kinda weird how people complain about ineffective management or programs not just in the post office but in government in general. But, when they hit the voting booth they vote for democrats who believe that the government should control most aspects and decisions of a persons daily life. Losing a bit of freedom everyday…I guess that’s one way to say it….

  • Justice

    Foolishness. How would feel about postal employees who misdeliver mail, missort mail, or crash postal vehicles being held personally liabile for their negligence and damages? Learn to appreciate what you have or had…loser.

  • Justice

    And the postal union big money machine is lobbying for needless Saturday delivery, forcing you to work 6 days per week and denying you two days off in a row. The union corporate big wigs are also opposed to universal cluster boxes which would allow for far less physical exertion to deliver mail in the extreme weather conditions. I blame the advocates for outdated 6 day service and door to door service is responsible for this death…deep pocket postal unions should be on trial everytime someone is injured until the USA does what Europe did already…three day per week service to centralized delivery points. Paying for 6 day service, door to door, in extreme conditions is like paying two people to spend 10 hours per day in a desert; one digs a hole and the other fills it in…that’s the union mentality – whether the jobs are actually needed isn’t a factor..only the flow of dues into the union corporate bank vaults so they live like kings and payoff corrupt politicians.

  • Justice

    American justice; the military is next. Nobody should be made to do a tough job, especially in the heat and cold. Its heartless and careless. The military is responsible for many, many deaths. Sue the generals! Sue the captains! Sue everybody!

  • Longtime postal worker

    Sadly, under federal law, federal employees can not sue the federal government for illness, injury, or death in the performance of their duties. However, the widow can file a claim with the OWCP/FECA. Or in this case, it should have already been filed, and she would be receiving benefits that are allowed under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act. I am truly sorry for her loss and I hope that a tradegy such as this can be avoided in the future.