Mitch McConnell, Kentucky GOP reps meet with PMG over plant closings

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), joined Representatives Ed Whitfield (KY-01) and Andy Barr (KY-06) today in meeting with Postmaster General Patick Donahoe to discuss important postal issues related the consolidation of the mail processing facilities in Lexington and Paducah, and other pressing concerns the impact of their consolidation will have on Kentucky jobs, and postal service standards.

“I am pleased to work with Representatives Whitfield and Barr on this issue on behalf of our constituents,” Senator McConnell said. “I understand the importance of keeping these mail processing facilities open so that local jobs are not jeopardized and that mail deliveries remain timely for Kentucky families and businesses. I am glad I was able to convey what I am hearing from my constituents directly to the Postmaster General, and I am hopeful he will listen to our concerns.”– Senator Mitch McConnell

“While I appreciate the Postmaster General’s willingness to discuss our issues to achieve better efficiency for the U.S. Postal Services and his attempt to take responsible actions, concerns still remain about the consolidation’s effect on postal employees in Western Kentucky. I am grateful for the Postmaster General’s time and consideration for our concerns, and his commitment to ensure that postal service standards for Kentuckians will not be diminished by the consolidation of these centers. I also appreciate his commitment to ensure that no one loses their job in Kentucky as a result of this action.” -Representative Ed Whitfield

"I appreciate Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman taking the time to meet with Senator McConnell, Congressman Whitfield and me today to discuss their commitment to fulfilling all assurances made by Postmaster Donahoe during our April 16, 2013 meeting. During our meeting, I strongly urged them to reconsider their proposal to close additional mail processing and distribution centers in Kentucky. I appreciate their commitment and will continue to monitor this situation with great interest."– Representative Andy Barr

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  • sinatra

    Time to picket that meeting. That spector of Sen. McConnell & PMG Donahoe are also a threat to the USPS; taking the service out of the USPS.
    Active Retired Letter Carrier-NYC

  • Mr.Mailman

    Only because his home state is getting hit with Donawhore’s Operation Shutdown is McConnell meeting with him,otherwise he supports privatization.If he wants to really do something about it,how about getting together with the other Senators and put out a resolution to the BOG calling for his removal as PMG?

  • BIG

    How hypocritical of McConnnell! He helped pass laws that stopped the USPS from advertising that they had lower rates than UPS(based in Kentucky). He is just trying to get votes for his election.

  • AdamBomb8

    We know what affect the plant consolidations will have. The same as everywhere else. Mail will arrive at offices later. Carriers will start later and will be expected to do more in less time, i.e. pivoting. More carriers will be out after dark during the winter months.

  • RGotly1980

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  • Stuck in the middle

    When will these people get it through their thick skulls? “No one will lose their jobs. No one will be laid off”. Give me a break. After Operation Shutdown, a huge percentage of affected employees will have to drive 3hrs ONE WAY, just to get to work. Work an 8.5 hour shift and then drive 3hrs BACK HOME. I promise you, a LOT of these people will just quit. Thats the “attrition” part that Donapuke keeps referring to.

  • TGIRetired

    I love how the USPS down plays the effect that plant consolidations have on service.Everybody who has gone through such a consolidation can tell you that mail is delayed,mail arrives later and carriers head to street later and get back later.Clerks sit around waiting for trucks to arrive.Transportation costs increase.When you send the mail 100 miles away to be processed and then returned weather is often a factor.How about the effect it has on the employee who has to travel,or relocate to another facility.Stuck in the middle is right.They could care less about how it affects the employee,let alone the postal customer.It’s all about saving 765 million dollars which is a drop in the bucket to the all mighty USPS.But the Parcel business is increasing!!

  • vitameatavegamin

    Spam sandwiches, anyone?

  • Solomon

    Donahoe should be offered the NFL Commissioners position…One over paid idiot for another! As long as we make money! We don’t care about the human dignity factor!

  • sickofidiots

    Oh sure, where were these congressmen when the USPS closed the other 142 plants? Oh, I forgot, they were not in their voting district!!!

  • sickofidiots

    Let’s see…two morons met to discuss the USPS, which they have already both decided it should be privatized, and they want to work together to save it? Is anyone out there buying this crap? Time to vote McConnell and his cronies out of office!

  • freecountry

    Only the fools will stay out after dark in the winter. Bring it back and let the 204s deliver it.

  • Joe Gibson

    Mitch: “Harry Reid was for stopping closures. But instead of getting it done, I punted until December AND I want to campaign on being for it.” Jerk.