Video: Private “mail store” leaves doors unlocked, mail and packages exposed

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) – When a local mailing company closed for business, it didn’t exactly close its doors; the doors were left unlocked and the staff was nowhere to be found.

A customer made the shocking discovery of packages and envelopes lying around, mailboxes unsecured; anyone could go in and scoop up someone’s mail. ABC 7 News arrived at the Alexandria Pak Mail store just as police officers did, and their response was one of disgust. A spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service told ABC 7 News the agency is deeply concerned about this case and is investigating.

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  • mary

    This could happen anytime to any one of the various private mail shipping companies and/or Village Post Offices across the country. This should be a warning to anyone considering using these non-postal sites, even though they get postal management’s blessing. If you want to mail something or get a post office box, go to a real Post Office. The Sanctity of the Mail is practiced there.

  • Just judy

    You get what you pay for

  • dd808

    A company near my route closed up unexpectedly just like this then the owner had the nerve to complain when customers were told we (USPS) had PO Boxes available for cheaper then what he was asking for at his other store.

  • Randy J Kowal

    EXACTLY why privatization of the Post Office is a bad idea.

  • Mr. Postman

    Looks like a “self-service” post office to me. What a great idea!

    Perhaps we need to incorporate this into PostPlan for those small offices Congress won’t let us board up. UPS or FedEx could dump a sack of incoming mail at the unlocked front door, pick up the outgoing, and the patrons could come in and sort their own mail and parcels.

    It will save BILLION$.

  • Lynn Guss

    I was kinda’ doin’ somethin’ else, like updating my facebook status.

  • Guest

    Downahole does not care about the sanctity of the mail,he wants you to go to Staples or a private post office.