Video: Swapbox looks to replace your mailman with a kiosk

The United States Postal Service handled 158.4 billion pieces of mail last year. UPS added another 4.3 billion to that tally and FedEx another 1.2 billion. For many of those the sender had to wait in line to fill out all the paperwork necessary to get their package sent and on the other end many who were not home when their package was delivered had to wait in line to pick it up.

What if all this waiting in line were eliminated? What if you could drop off or pick up your package hassle free with the tap of a few buttons. That’s the idea behind Swapbox, a San Francisco start-up that aims to take the pain out of the $1 trillion mailing industry.

Read more: Swapbox looks to replace your mailman with a kiosk – Yahoo Finance.

  • cathyandmike

    You can print your USPS mailing labels with postage online (and get a discounted rate) and request carrier pick up at the same time. Not home? Just leave the safe location of your package to be picked up on your carrier pick up request. Also, most letter carriers as well as other delivery services leave parcels in safe locations unless a signature is required. I want my packages delivered to my home or business, not a lock box somewhere. USPS is the best first and last mile carrier around. In fact they are the last mile carrier for many FedEx and UPS parcels.

  • horlitted93

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  • Jocko

    Wow! I’m quitting my job as a CCA tomorrow. I just knew there had to to be something better out there. Count me in!!