Judge dismisses whistleblower suit against Northrop over botched FSS contract

fssLaw360, New York September 10, 2014, 4:58 PM ET — A Virginia federal judge has agreed to dismiss a False Claims Act suit accusing Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. of misleading the U.S. Postal Service and failing to meet benchmarks in delivering mail-sorting machines worth $874 million.U.S. Judge T. S. Ellis III agreed with Northrop’s memorandum that no evidence exists that the company made false statements or omitted material facts, had any intention to mislead the federal government or caused the USPS to pay improper or false invoices.

Read more: Northrop Escapes FCA Suit Over Botched $874M USPS Order – Law360. See also: Whistleblower Says Northrop Knew It Would Miss USPS Order

  • bigtime

    as a 28 year carrier , i can say fss is not what it is cracked up to be . first it may save office time , but at the cost of harder to handle mail , more injuries carrying fss, more misdelivered , shredded,mangled ,destroyed , delayed mail. cost of operating, housing, transporting a declining product. ask any carrier , which management will never do , their thoughts on fss , gaurentee maybe 5-10 % percent of carriers have a favorable opinion os fss. lastly every carrier cases fss mail in office with management giving the wink-wink blind eye to it, because they know the truth of taking fss raw to street . so tell us please , lawsuit , who knows, but fss is a complete failure to all that has to work with it .