Video: ‘Her car started floating’; Tucson postal worker saves woman from flooded vehicle

TUCSON — Monday morning, as the US postal carrier approached 17th & Treat, he saw it: a ferocious flood carrying a car.

"Her car started floating and did a 180 and got wedged right underneath this bridge," he said.

Paradowski, a former marine, ran to help.

Trapped inside was a young woman.

She was panicking.

The water, at her chest, was rising.

"What could you hear her say?" asked 9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa.

"She was saying help ‘Get me out of here!’ over and over and over, and we were trying," he said.

Paradowski and a second man worked together.

via 'Her car started floating'; Postal worker saves woman from flooded vehicle – KGUN9.